Copying and pasting items on your Mac is a day-to-day activity which none of us can really avoid. But have you ever got into the situation where you find yourself copying the same extract of text again and again because you keep copying other items in the meantime? Well ... iClip can save you having to go back to find the original text extract or image by saving everything you copy to its application memory. By creating an easy way to access all of your copied items, iClip makes copying the same section of text again and again a thing of the past. Read on to find out how iClip can save you a bundle of time whilst using your Mac.

How Do You Access iClip?

iClip works like the standard dock in many respects, putting your cursor to the side of the screen will make the iClip window appear, similar to SideFolders. There are options as to where the iClip window will appear from, but this is fully customisable in the preferences. iClip with the window at the right hand side of the screen Once the iClip window is open, you can view all the items you have previously copied to the clipboard. This can be anything from a whole page of text, to a tiny icon, or from a massive photograph to a simple link, everything and anything is saved to iClip's history. The interface offers a futuristic feel, which nowadays is rarely seen with new Mac Apps, with many other applications applying vintage textures and wood effects, or just not bothering at all with styling their application. A metallic futuristic set of icons used for iClip[/caption] This refreshing feeling really makes it easy to see what you have copied and makes the pasting process so much simpler. Having copied your item, before pasting it anywhere, there is the option to preview it. This is done by hovering over the circular (or rectangular if you edit it in the options) windows until a popup display the content appears.Previewing an item in iClip

Pasting an Item with iClip

After copying something, you know what comes next ... Its time to paste it! But how do you do this? iClip offers several ways to get your content from iClip to where you want it to be. Of course if what you want to paste happens to be the last thing you copied, then go ahead and hit ⌘V but otherwise listen up. One of the ways you can paste an item is simply by dragging and dropping the item from the iClip window. This will paste it straight into the document you are working on. Easy right? Drag and Drop items from the iClip window to your current document Another way of pasting an item is to click the small arrow next to the item and this will paste it to where your cursor currently is in the document. There is however another way of copying stored items, which is by using hotkeys, but we will touch on this later.

iClip the Way You Like It

Like any other decently designed application, iClip comes with its own multitude of preferences to play around with. Apart from the positioning on the screen of iClip (which was mentioned earlier), you can also change the size and shape of each 'item bubble', change the transparency and even choose whether or not you would like a menubar icon to be shown or not.   Choose the look of iClip in the Preference Pane[/caption]

iClip Sets

iClip allows you to sort your copied items into groups, or sets. This allows for all your separate projects to be kept out of the way of each other and further increase your productivity when using iClip. For example, there can be a list for all references when writing a report, or a collection of your favourite pictures to share in an email with the swipe of your mouse. Here the iClip sets are divided into Apps, Notes, Pics, a Project, and a To-Do list. Create any number of note sets

Hot Keys

For a great deal more functionality than the average user would require from iClip, there are many hot keys which can be assigned to allow for showing/hiding the iClip window, managing clip sets and managing clip bins. I won't bore you with a long list of hotkeys but if you look in the image below, there is pretty much an option for every action you can think of. Select and edit Hot Keys for iClip


iClip offers a well thought out solution for a problem that many of us are sure to experience on a day to day basis. Through its use of a clean UI and a simple yet effective sequence of copying and pasting items, iClip can take the frustration out of having to copy the same piece of text again and again and again!