We have a great opportunity for you to get your hands on Color Splash Studio. Every single entrant to the competition will receive the application absolutely free so you really have nothing to lose. Color Splash Studio allows you to take a color image, turn it to grayscale, and then brush selected color back in to the photo. Its very simple to use and can create great looking images in absolutely no time at all. You can see some sample images created with Color Splash Studio below:  

Examples of images created with Color Splash Studio for Mac

The giveaway is open to all of those that have FX Photo Studio for either iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac. With over 2 million downloads and counting, that should be most of you! To enter, simply create an image using FX Photo Studio on any platform, and follow the 2 simple steps below.

Winners Announced

Every entrant who entered will shortly receive their very own copy of Color Splash Studio. Congratulations to:

  • John
  • erochajr
  • Lynsey
  • robert
  • raizamn
  • sajinseethi
  • Adam C
  • Lev Verbitsky
  • Fekry_mohamed
  • john figora
  • Sixx Vengeance
I would personally like to thank you for creating great looking photos using FX Photo Studio and you can look forward to using your brand new copy of Color Splash Studio!

Entry Requirements

Step 1:

Post the following message to Twitter: (if you click on the message it will autofill the tweet for you)


Step 2:

In the comments section on this page, post a link to your tweet and attach the image you have created with FX Photo Studio. If you can recall the effects used to create the image as well, that would be great!

All Done!

The competition will close in one week from now, so entries will be accepted up to and including the 30th September. Competitions like this could not be run without the goodwill of the developers who make the applications. If you would like to check out MacPhun you can visit their website or follow MacPhun on twitter.