Funky title right? Well, thats exactly what Found aims to do, it will find any file you desire across your Mac, Dropbox folders, as well as your Google Docs and Gmail accounts. With more and more files cluttering your Mac everyday, it can sometimes be a very laborious task to find a particular file you were working on. With a simple double tap of the control key, Found will slide out from the side of your screen and allow you to search through all your folders and files, as well as presenting a full preview of the selected file. It really is a great solution to an age old problem.

Getting Started With Found

After downloading and installing Found, to open it, either click on the Found icon which will be present in the Menu Bar, or double-click the control button on your keyboard. This will cause Found to slide out from the left-hand side of your screen and allow you start searching straight away. This allows you to quickly start searching for the things you are looking for without having to open up another Finder window.

How to Search

Searching with Found is really simple. Just start typing into the search bar at the top of the slide-out window and you will receive a character by character update of the results, much like Google's instant search feature. You can also type the file type such as "pdf" or "doc" and it will also limit the search results to those specific file types. Search is quick and simple After finding the correct file, you can click on it once (if it isn't the top result already) and a full sized preview of the file will be show so you can make sure that it is the file you were looking for. From images to documents, and from snippets of code to full sized pdf's, if there is a preview available it will be shown full screen for quick viewing and reference. Previewing a Document with Found

Where Does it Search?

Found not only searches your own Mac, but also gets results from the files you store in the cloud, providing a central place on your computer to search through everything you own. It will look through files locally on your Mac, including your Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures and your Desktop, as well as searching though your Dropbox folders and your Google Docs/Drives and Gmail accounts you own. These extra places to search can be easily set up in the Found preferences in the Sources tab.Setup Multiple Accounts to Search Another great feature is the ability to drag and drop the icons straight from Found into the application you are working in, such as an email attachment. It is also really easy to get back to recently downloaded files.Drag and Drop Straight From the Found Window


Found works great when working with other applications in full screen mode. It provides an extra layer of productivity and allows you to move, edit, copy, open and search for files in varying locations without tabbing out of your current workspace. With integrated drag and drop functionality and lightning fast search results, combined with its secure passwords protection for your external storage spaces, Found is a great way to find any file either on your Mac, in your Email, or on a cloud storage service. Best of all its free ... Go and get it now from the Mac App Store!