At a first glance, you may look at the title of this application, and think: "Organizing Library Books? How Boring", but let me tell you, you could not be more wrong. If you own any sort of collection, no matter how small, no matter what of, Delicious Library 2 will make it so much easier to find an item you are looking for, organize them into categories and arrange them for you. As well as being able to do this extremely quickly and with options to export to mobile devices or to the web.

What sets this software package apart from other cataloging applications, is the ability to just hold your item up to the iSight camera on your Mac and Delicious Library will automatically recognise it, be it a DVD, CD, Book, or even some gadget you have owned for years, and file it into the correct catalogue for you. It does this by using the camera to scan the barcode on the item or item casing. Then, upon recognition, the item details will appear in your library with a great looking picture to go with it. Its not just the information you expect either. Along with the title and synopsis are  a series of customer reviews for that particular product available at your fingertips. A great touch to make cataloging your collection, that little bit more exciting.Previewing the book collection with various book cover shapes and sizes Upon first launching Delicious Library, your iTunes library will be automatically scanned and saved as your first collection. This will sit under "iTunes Music" in the sidebar. From here it really is up to you what to use it for, upon scanning (or entering the details manually if you really want to) the item will be placed into the relevant category, and details about the item gathered and placed alongside the image of the item. Looking at your Gadgets Collection Delicious Library 2 does not just show you cover art as you would expect though, it displays great looking pictures of your favourite gadgets, or even your DIY tool collection, it even will recognise your clothing collection, so you can produce a catalogue of your shoe collection and publish it online for all your friends to see. Work Tools and a Shoe Collection As in iTunes you can create smart playlists, in Delicious Library 2 you can create your own "Smart Shelves" in which you can place items containing specific keywords for example. The folders work great, but there is a slight annoyance with some of the cataloging when it comes to TV shows. Because some episodes are produced by different people, Delicious Library produces separate series in some instances. Another great feature of Delicious Library 2 is the iPhone/iPod Touch app that syncs with your library, so you can take a handy copy with you when visiting the book shop or movie store, to stop you from purchasing an item you already have. A very simple idea, but one of great importance, making the application so much more useful overall (unless you do all of your shopping online of course, in which case it will only save you the hassle of switching windows every so often!). What to watch from your DVD Collection?[/caption] You also have the option to export your library to the web, by either using iWeb, MobileMe or your own FTP settings. The finished upload does look great, but at a cost. That is, if you want to publish your collection online, the images will inevitably take up a lot of storage space, as well as a great deal of bandwidth, and time to upload (this does depend on the volume of your collection).

Built into Delicious Library, there is also a feature to lend your possessions to other people, where it lets you keep track of how long they have had it for and when you asked for it back. Not as sophisticated as an industrial library system for lending, but nether-the-less, very useful. The loaned item will also appear slightly greyed out in your main collection with a loan sticker to show you that you that the item is currently on loan. Overall, the great visuals and easy cataloging of items, overshadows the slight discrepancy when it comes to cataloging certain items that are older and not as widely recognised as others. Therefore making Delicious Library 2, one of the best cataloging applications available for the Mac.