Do you hate waiting ages for Photoshop to boot up whilst you gawp at the long list of people who develop it? Well ... Picturesque, made by a couple of developers from Australia, can provide you with a ridiculously quick alternative to creating great looking images for the web. Whilst it doesn't have all the features of Photoshop (which is entirely understandable at its current price point), Picturesque has a few great tools to help you create beautiful images specifically for viewing on the web and in documents, with detailed reflections, shadows and borders. Get ready to quickly, easily create a unique look and feel for any image.

Opening a Photo

Although Picturesque is primarily aimed for editing image to ultimately use as part of a website, it can be used for day-to-day editing and as a little bit of fun for the amateur photographer. To open up a photo, simply drag and drop it into the Picturesque window.

Picturesque is surprising quick to open images of any size, even if you open multiple photos at once which you may well do as Picturesque supports the combined editing of many images at once. Drag & Drop an image to open it with Picturesque

After the image has opened up its time to begin editing, in this case we will be applying effects to a scenic landscape photo, but all of the following effects work great with any style of picture, be it a HD photograph or a hand-drawn sketch in iDraw.

Applying Effects

The effects that can be applied are shown along the bottom of the window. The effects include: perspective options, reflections, shadows, corner rounding and stroke. There is also an option to crop the image, although the style of this cropping tool feels slightly clunky. Using the tool does not make the borders of the image smaller as expected, but edits the image by keeping the overall space taken up by the image the same, and zooming in. Its a slightly strange way of cropping an image, but you can easily get used to it with a bit of use. The main Picturesque Window with the applyable effects along the bottom. To edit the image, it it pretty straight forward. Clicking on the effects option will open up a small pop-up tab from which sliders can subtly change the effect. To turn the effect off, click on the name of the effect again. For each separate tool there are various editable options, for example the shadow tool allows you to alter the distance, angle, colour gradient, blur radius and opacity of the shadow. Apply a number of different effects to your images

We have applied a reflection, shadow and a stroke with a light cream colour and and width of 120 pixels, which can be seen in the image above.

After the image is how you like it, you can either save it, or perform a batch save. Clicking on batch save will apply the same effect to all other images that are opened with Picturesque and subsequently save them with the same effects applied. This can be a real time saver if you would like to apply the same effect to multiple images, which is often the case when saving images for a blog or website, so to maintain the look and feel of the theme.


Having created an effect, it is possible to save it for use later, upon where it can be applied to other images with just one click of the mouse. To add a preset, select the '+' button after opening the presets panel and then selecting it. This will make it active and the changes to the currently open photo will be applied to the selected preset. Create presets and save then with custom names


Picturesque has great out-of-the-box functionality and is brilliant at quickly applying great looking effects to photos and images alike, all without much prior knowledge too image editing. With a few well thought out simple effects, the results of not much time input can really be astounding.

If you can't afford the likes of Photoshop to edit your images with, or have neither the time nor the motivation to learn how to use its complex features, then Picturesque can make your life a lot easier by doing the work for you, by creating great looking photos that are sure to catch the eye of any reader on your website, or family member viewing your photo album