Cover Wall for Mac is a great new customization application that displays all your album artwork from iTunes on your desktop. "It's like a giant, cool wallpaper, and all you have to do, is just start the application, and enjoy your artworks. It helps to rediscovering your long forgotten albums, or just helps to choose what to listen when you have absolutely no idea." Developed by Imre Katai, Cover Wall has loads of features to make your wallpaper look its best.

Upon first installation, it scans your current iTunes library for all the artwork you have and then creates a temporary cache of this for the application to use. This took about 1-2 mins on my machine, but then again, I do have a lot of music to scan. Wallpaper loading bar After this is complete, its totally up to you what to do next. You can leave it how it looks under its default settings or customize it yourself to your own tastes. It automatically selects a 3x5 grid (depending upon the ration of your display), but I much preferred it when more album artworks were being displayed. Cover Wall Preference Panel Each album cover changes every set period of time, so you can choose how long this is and also how the image transitions to the next one. Once, chosen, hit save and enjoy your brand new, ever-changing wallpaper. Cover Wall example wallpaper

Cover Wall is now also available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes App store.