Clips for Mac is a very useful application that will run smoothly in the background without you noticing it at all, unless you want to of course! If you have ever copied and pasted something and then gone back to paste it later, finding out you have actually copied something else in the meantime, Clips will really help you out.

To begin with, rather than a boring, text-orientated interface, it boasts a great looking fullscreen visualisation of what you have copied so far. Clips will produce small snippets of the text you have copied and slap it on its "virtual paste board", ready for you when you want. You can even just drop and drag the text you want to copy onto the Clips panel. Clips also goes one step further though, as you copy your text, it will automatically arrange and sort the clips into Application specific folders, making it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. If this is not for you however, you can also set up your own folders that obey a set of pre-defined rules, and these will then sort the clips for you. A view of the clips dashboard when opened As well as organising your copied items for you, you can also search them using the search box built into the application, a great feature that proves very useful. Of course, if you abuse the copy feature too much, Clips will become a mess and will not help you at all. This is somewhat countered by the handy trash icon, as well as the use of hot-keys. You can set hot-keys for the latest five items you have copied to the clipboard, which negates the process of finding the copied item within the Clips interface.

This app will save you time when using your Mac, and save you from going back to re-copy items again and again, by storing them all in an easily navigable and well organised application.