Managing all of your separate hard drives and USB sticks can sometimes be very time consuming, and viewing the available space on each drive can be a real hassle. CleanMyDrive aims to provide you with a centralized place where you can manage, eject and clean every external drive you own. A simple application that spends most of its time stuck to your Menu Bar, CleanMyDrive will provide you with a quick, and easy to access method of performing simple tasks related to your USB drive. Having used CleanMyMac for a while now (a slightly different application from MacPaw which carries out a similar task, but on your main Mac's hard drive), I have got used to it auto cleaning USB drives upon putting them into my Mac, however, if you haven't purchased the full version of CleanMyMac, MacPaw's new free application CleanMyDrive will allow you to make sure that all of your external drives are healthy and free of junk.

Downloading and Installation

Its really very simple to download application from the Mac App Store nowadays, a link can be found at the bottom of this review which will send you directly to the download location. Upon opening, there is a very short tutorial with 6 slides explaining how to use CleanMyDrive and if you would like to start it up automatically when you turn on your Mac. Greeting Upon First Load of CleanMyDrive After completing the tutorial you are ready to begin using CleanMyDrive. Go and grab a USB stick and place it in the USB slot on your Mac (you could even use a new USB 3.0 with the new MacBook Pro range!)

Automatic Detection

When inserting a USB or other external hard drive into your Mac, the application will automatically detect the drive and ask you if you would like to automatically clean the current drive every time you eject it from your Mac. This is disabled by default, but a quick click of the toggle bar will sort this out. Automatic Detection of Drives

Multiple Drives

After choosing wether to automatically clean it or not, a view with all your current drives will popup. Simply slide the options away to obtain the default view. Choose Whether to Automatically Clean on Eject In this case, there is the main hard drive of the Mac, the BOOTCAMP drive (which we don't really need and can be got rid of as seen later) and the USB that we just inserted. For each drive there are details about the size of each drive, the amount of free space left of the drive as well as the volume of space which is filled with "junk" which CleanMyDrive can get rid of. In this case, the USB does not contain any junk because it has been recently cleaned with CleanMyDrive, but in many cases a smaller red bar will be extended further out of the blue bar seen which highlights the files which CleanMyDrive can get rid of to free up more space on your drive. See Al Your Drives in One Place


As mentioned earlier, if we don't want certain drives to show up, we can edit a slider found in the preferences which chooses the maximum size of the hard drive that will be automatically detected. Its default value is set at 64GB, so drives connected larger than this value should not be detected. Alter Your Preferences However when testing the application it failed to ignore a 1TB when connected, so this feature is proving to be slightly buggy. Also, there is integration between CleanMyMac and CleanMyDrive which allows you (if you have CleanMyMac) to perform maintenance on your internal drive. Connecting a Large External Drive


CleanMyDrive allows you to simply clean your external hard drives from unnecessary files and folders (such as logs), have all your connected drives in one centralized place, lets you view the current free space on each drive (without having to go through finder and using the "Get Info" function) and does this all in a safe and secure fashion.With simple but great features, such as ejecting all drives at once if you are in a rush, and automatic cleanup, CleanMyDrive is a great free tool for your Mac, which helps to keep your external drives feeling good, and free of junk.