Keeping up to date with all of you bills can sometimes be rather daunting. Sometimes there may be the odd deadline you miss, or you just can't seem to remember when all of your different payments are due. Thats where Chronicle can help, by providing a space for you to store and organise all of your bills. Chronicle will also help you out by notifying you of when that next bill is due, who to pay it to, and where to pay it. It makes the dull process of keeping up to date with your bills and subscriptions a great deal easier whilst maintaing a clutter free and well organised virtual space for all of your bills. Read on to find out how Chronicle can help reduce your financial workload.


Chronicle, much like many new Mac Apps popping up out of the Mac App Store uses a wood texture as its main background. Whilst many apps try to pull this look off, I believe that Chronicle has hit the nail on the head. By not over using this texture ,the app still maintains a sleek and light interface, essential for apps which provide a tool for organising your financial life. Separate smaller windows contain the due date for the bill as well as previous payments and statistics At the top of the window there are options to create a new bill, which will be the first thing you will do, as well as options for editing bill details, archiving selected bills and an overview option. In the sidebar to the left of the window, there is a list of all your current bills which provides a simple but effective way to switch between different bills. When you select a bill you can see in the bill details section, the due date for the next payment as well as statistics and payment history. The history feature is great for seeing whether your bills are increasing or decreasing, and can provide you with an insight as to what you are spending your money on. Each bill has its own individual status check

Creating a Bill

Clicking on the new bill icon at the top of the window will create a new bill. From here you can enter the details needed for Chronicle to set up a bill profile so it can calculate when you need to make the next payment. Entering the details about the bill

Using Chronicle's Features

Chronicle can help you track down and reduce your debt,  you can literally watch as your home loan decrease or your credit card bills evaporate through a series of pie chart like interfaces. Chronicle will also help you keep proof of all of your payments as it remembers the payment history for each individual bill. Another great feature of Chronicle is that it allows you to save a place to pay your bills to every payment. So for example if I set up a gas bill, I could attach the online paying facility where I go and pay the bill online, to my bill as a web address. Then, when I click pay bill, it will automatically take me to that webpage where I can pay the required amount.


Chronicle offers a great deal of features which makes paying bills a whole load easier. By keeping track of past, present and future bills you can easily see how much you need to save in order to pay your bills, and by making the payment process simpler and quicker, Chronicle certainly reduces the overall load on your financial life.