The survival of the Angry Birds is yet again at stake, but this time on a different platform ... The Mac. Its time for you to dish out your revenge on the green pigs who stole the birds eggs.

The game involves you using the destructive power of the Angry Birds to obliterate the pigs from the game and banish them from their stone, wooden and glass fortresses. This great physics based castle demolition will have you hooked for hours and hours due to its high replayability. Play a wide range of levels Every level that is in the game requires different tactics, skill and logical thinking to advance to the next stage and lay triumphant over the pigs.

The Mac version of Angry Birds has all the features that you are familiar with from the iOS version of the game, with all the free updates you expect as well as brand new levels available in the future. Also, as a bonus to those purchasing the Mac version having already purchased it for iPhone or iPod Touch, they will find there is also a few unique enhancements included, not available in their mobile version. There are 195 levels in the game, with a large dose of pigs and birds, and now with support for older Macbook's, altogether this makes a brilliant puzzle game that requires stategic thinking and will provide you with hours of fun.