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The Arista® Navigator is a beautiful, yet powerful software designed for visually supporting Arista® network infrastructures. The Arista® Navigator offers many advantageous features: - CLI Tool: An easy secure tool to configure Ar

Play the classic game of Spider Solitaire in 3D. With 6 card styles and 3 different tables, can you master all 3 difficulty levels? Key Features: · Interactive 3D board, rotate, zoom and view & play from any angle · 6 card deck styl

Holiday Jigsaw Halloween has 500 high-quality photos and 500 fun jigsaws. It’s a super exciting puzzle game for all the family! Halloween is soon: a time for joy, fear, treats and tricks. Preparing for the holiday but don’t know where to

Tiny Dripper is a relaxing casual game which is easy to play, cute to look, and cost only 20s for a strander game! How to play: Use all 3 container at the bottom of your screen to catch the dripping balls, ball with the same color will gain you 1

Algebra Study Guide isn an app that teaches you how to do algebra with worked, step-by-step examples. If algebra leaves you confused, Algebra Study Guide is here to help with hundreds of worked examples that show step-by-step solutions. Algebra Study

This is the French version of Didi and Ditto's award-winning game is the ideal way to introduce children to computers It will literally captivate your 2 to 4 year olds with its adorable characters, its rich 3D environments and animation, its humor an

Macro is a super focused image editor that doesn't try and be all things to all people. Designed to accompany vector based screen design tools, Macro handles all the most common bitmap editing and processing tasks without the overhead of a fully feat

We're off with our friends on another railroad journey! Margaret didn't just mope around -- she's taken out another loan with the bank. This time she has a limited amount of time to fix the broken parts of the railroad, but now the areas are more i

Inspired by the iOS app, the Wellington Bus Stop app brings stop departure times to the Notifications Centre in macOS. Simply find your local bus stop on the map and open it by clicking on its pin and then add it to the Today Widget.

vAppは、NTTコミュニケーションズが提供する「Arcstar Universal One Virtual」をご利用いただӔ

Prehistoric Fish Bones - new paleontology game for kids. Digging prehistoric fish bones is an entertaining activity aimed to develop logic skills and attention of children. Let's find all the SKELETONS and FOSSILS of PREHISTORIC WATER CREATURES You

First, it must be noted that Beautiful Fish Screensaver is NOT a real screensaver, it is actually an application. HOWEVER, its realistic effects and vivid sounds will bring you a different experience. You will feel that your mac screen showing real l

Your amp manager for Positive Grid® Bias amps ! If you are as addicted as we are on PositiveGrid® tones, you probably wish there'd be a way to organise the tons of great amps you've downloaded from ToneCloud®... There is ! With Ampl4&tr

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It's a free, open source standard for compressing audio files. It's popular because it's lossless: Storing your tunes as FLAC files preserves their quality better than more "lossy" standards. While many medi

SUPER CHRISTMAS GAME ! Catapult Crazy Christmas Edition has arrived for mac OSX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Games Developing Team present the next addition to ‘Catapult’ fever on the Appstore. Feel free to share

Toddler Trainer Counting Toys Pro teaches counting numbers 1-10 with the help of children’s toys. The application not only teaches number recognition, but also teaches to quantify objects. The child can therefore actually count objects inste

PDF Checkpoint automates PDF preflighting and conversion with powerful batch processing. Preflight: Quickly preflight PDF files and get detailed info on document fonts, color spaces, images and other attributes. Export as images: Batch export PDF

Full-featured and professional CAD (Computer-Aided Design) app for the Mac. Developed specifically for the actual needs of architects, engineers, and design professionals, HighDesign Pro combines advanced drafting and design tools with a modern, eff

Vector icon cutter tool For iOS/Mac Developer and Designer. using photoshop to cut icon is very time consuming. Now you can use this Icon cutter to help you, which is not only more efficient, and also save your money . Main Features: 1 setting

NOTE: Requires OS X 10.7 and above. A classic point and click adventure from the developers of Mystery Lighthouse and Mystery Lighthouse 2. You're Tim Timmins - the coolest guy in your gang. But unfortunately your gang is the uncoolest in school!

With IRIS# you will easily find out if you just found your soul mate..

Greetings, Travel through space and shoot wacky evil machines. Lots of enemies! Use arrow keys to move and space bar for shooting. Four different play modes: ▸ Speedy Destroyer: Destroy seven machines in the quickest time posible. υ

Periodic Table – Chemistry Of Nonmetals - fully resizable and easy to use tabular arrangement of the chemical elements in groups 14-16, organized on the basis of their atomic numbers, electron configurations and their properties. Main feature

C.O.O.L. The classical exploration and strategy game recreated in 3D. Up to four players with mouse or gamepad can compete in an exciting match.

SVN Status adds icon overlays to your SVN repositories in Finder. SVN Status tracks your SVN repositories and updates the icon overlays automatically, giving you visual feedback of the current state of your working copies. To use SVN Status Free, y

Foxreal iMedia Converter is an all-in-one converter which is a perfect combination of Foxreal DVDRipper, HD Video Converter, and more. Users can convert not only DVDs, but also HD/non-HD videos to your portable devices or tablets for enjoying, or App

PCAT Practice Exam lets you take practice test for your Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) Exam. You can either do quick 10 question test, 75 question test or All questions test. Practice this test and see how you score! Good luck!

This app is a simply tool to view photos has no interface, select a folder and then use your trackpad rotate zoom all the photos in it. Click open menu item in file menu and select a folder,all pictures in folder will scanned Use your trackpad rota

Special introductory price. Limited time only! ***** Near 1000 flashcards fully covers every aspect of knowledge in Emergency Medical Technician Basic. ___________________________________________________ Features of our product: * Near 1000

Learn more about this app: Attentive Eye Test Prof is a great opportunity for you to test your sight and attentiveness! Various exercises will challenge your visual perception for you to find out how sharp