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Learn to build websites visually with Sparkle for Mac in this video tutorial from With Sparkle you can layout a webpage with text and graphics just like your would a newsletter or flyer in Pages or Word. We discuss how to utilize all th

FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Time to practise German with word search puzzle Wortsuchrätsel – Verwirrte Buchstaben Prof! Plenty of long, short, common, crazy, obscure, fancy and the most challenging words are hidden in these jungles of let

Drawing Class

28 days ago

Take a Master Class in Drawing with this incredible collection of over 650 tutorial and informative video lessons. All aspects of drawing are covered - with beginners and advanced lessons included. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle an

Most comprehensive SAT Math App with over 1400 questions with solutions and 140 revision notes covering all math subjects which include: 1. Algebra & Functions 2. Geometry & Measurement 3. Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability 4. Number & Op

--- a new version of v2.25 for macOS Sierra is here! --- Pop up a window to display character, word, and line counts whenever and wherever you are copying. All counted text can also be automatically copied, grouped and saved to daily log files. Not

Stapled is an original utility letting you share your artistic creations in their best quality, at locations previously reserved to photographs. Any plain document can be morphed into a picture document, and, consequently, handled and stored as an i

This is the puzzle game: Try to arrange all (5x5) arrows in the same-direction. All arrows around a panel you touched rotate clockwise simultaneously. Get the least steps as you can. Includes 30 stages. Please visit our Website and see more informati

Spike Recorder

5 days ago

Let’s face it. The brain is complex, but it is extremely fascinating. To study the brain, you typically have to be a graduate student at a major university. But not any more! Backyard Brains enables everyone to be a neuroscientist! Coupled w

Are you a master in finding hidden objects? Then this addictive and beautiful adventure game with a number of unique and picturesque scenes and romantic plot will fascinate you for sure. This mysterious story took place 50 years ago and changed the l

The BIT.TRIP series comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX, CommanderVideo's final adventure. Get ready for classic paddle-based gameplay, new challenges, a rockin' new chiptune soundtrack, and eye-pleasing visuals as CommanderVideo returns to the sour

Studiometry Express is a powerful Project and Client management tool used to plan, track, and bill for your work. Tons of features and tools are neatly wrapped into one convenient program to manage your entire business. Studiometry is used daily by

The future of DJing is here! House & Techno producer Noah Pred shows you all the ins and outs in this DJ-centric Live 9 course.... App Features: • 126 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no interne

Are you the next Christmas Superstar? Click or tap to the jingle bell beat in the hit rhythm game of the holidays, Christmas Superstar! Play along with some of the greatest Christmas songs of all time. Build up your combo by hitting consecutive not

Training of this application will give you strong straight back, posture and self-confidence for a long time. 8 - week training program for straightening posture Training are suitable for women and men of any age More than 20 functional exercises fo


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Notarikalc is an easy to use Gematria calculator. Get Started Quickly • On screen Hebrew keyboard. • Easy access to final letters. • Fun and educational for all ages. Easy-to-use • Works offline (w/o Internet connection). •

Note your photos easily with this multifunctional app for creative business people. PhoTone app allows you to make your working process much easier and every working day unique and unforgettable. Mark your photos with different figures and texts to m

Mr. Sidekick, is your sidekick for your performance. It is made for playing multi channel audio files on stage. It has a simple user interface, you use keys to select the songs, and start with "SPACE" key. The program will play any multi channel a

Use your left and right arrow keys to move the blob you are controlling and press spacebar to fire it. Your up and down arrow keys rotate the board allowing you to position the blobs all around the grid. Arrange the blobs on the board in their colo

Are you looking for a healthy and relaxing way to break up your work day? Office Yoga helps to relieve stress, increase circulation and minimize discomfort associated with sedentary work. When you spend a lot of your day sitting at a desk, you run t

Local: the fast, automatic localization tool for iOS developers. Localization is essential for modern apps. In order to reach your target market, you need to, quite literally, speak the same language. Unfortunately, paying translators is not cheap.

Learn about animals, musical instruments and means of transport while having fun and developing your memory skills. ☆ Features ☆ ✓ 106 high-quality drawings ✓ 106 sounds of animals, musical instruments, vehicules... 

inSnippet works as a cloud snippet manager, storing all your snippets of text, code and other details, ready for when you need them next. inSnippet makes it simple to share one of your Snippets with a friend, team member or larger group. Just click t

Brochureware lets you easily design your own professional brochures, flyers, and newsletters. Just select from the template chooser and add your own text, images, and logos. These easy-to-use templates are great for creating business and personal d

BezierCode is a vector drawing application that automatically translate your drawing into Objective C code to be used in Xcode. You can save time even for a simple path! BezierCode Lite version is an affordable version of BezierCode with a few omitt

This is a Excellent Application on Learning Adobe Audition CC Includes Video Training and Practice Exam Adobe Audition is a digital audio workstation from Adobe Systems featuring both a multitrack, non-destructive mix/edit environment and a destruct

Find out about the life of our ancestors, watch the adventures of a prehistoric hunter, play games and solve quizzes! Over 40 educational games for children, 800 Megabytes of graphics and animation, almost 1 hour of voice overs, music and sound effe

Tetri3D is a powerful 3D Tetris game. It is more fun in 3D. It support wall kick,lock delay, move moment. The speed never gets anywhere near 20G Key Description: • right: move right, • left: move left, • down: move down, • up

This is a combination of two courses offered at a discount from the combined price of each course sold separately. ABLETON LIVE 9 These Ableton Live tutorials are a complete guide to making music using the Ableton Live 9 Digital Audio Workstation

Resolve Collect copies source files used in a DaVinci Resolve project (Media Pool or Timeline) to a single destination using a DaVinci Resolve Project (.drp) file. Supports V9, V10 and V11 DRP files. When you work with large DaVinci Resolve projects

You don't need to be a photography equipment GearHead to want to know how you use your equipment. GearHead Express will analyze your image libraries providing statistics on the cameras and lenses used. GearHead Supports: √ Aperture Libraries