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myPoint Grid combines three tools in one: Crosshair, Grille and Coordinates. All tools are customizable. myPoint will show its information above all other windows and applications, even when another application is active or in full screen. • C

******Introductory price. Limited time only! ********* The most complete quick reference to finance, investment and economy terms is now interactive on OS X! Features of this app: More than 13,000 handpicked terms related to finance, investment

Learn how to morph, mangle and modulate your samples in Native Instruments Skanner XT with G.W. Childs as he takes you deep inside this amazing new virtual synthesizer... Imagine scanning through audio samples using audio waves as your modulator. Tha

OS X Mavericks (10.9) introduced Finder tags, which are like colored file labels on steroids. When importing files into Final Cut Pro X you can create a keyword for each Finder tag on the files you are importing. Wouldn’t it be great to go th

Quiz for Kids 2 continues to further help your children improve their knowledge of math and english through a more difficult series of quizzes than Quiz for Kids. Features: - different quiz categories including syllables, math, letters, words and nu

Hydra lets you create beautiful high-dynamic-range (HDR) images by merging multiple exposures, effectively capturing both dark and bright subjects to make it more natural or to enhance scene drama. A single photo cannot represent the entire dynamic

The most advanced study tool for dietetic technician students preparing for the Registration Exam for Dietetic Technicians! Get the experience you need to prepare yourself for the Registration Exam for Dietetic Technicians. The DTR Practice Exam is

Find the perfect chord voicing for your songs! Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, the app will show you chord diagrams with all possible options in all 11 positions of the ukulele fretboard. Simply select a chord root on the left, chord type

Spell-On-U is an educational app to teach your kids to spell in an enjoyable, interactive way.

● LEARN about FARM ANIMALS and the SOUNDS THEY MAKE! ● Let's Bawk, Moo, Quack, Neigh, Baa and Oink! (Sounds of chicken, cow, horse, duck, sheep and pig) ● 100% Kid-Friendly design (No ads, No in-app purchase, No settings button, No

Lights Out enables hot corners to put your Mac to sleep, or keep it awake. Lights Out can set sleep on or off for individual applications. Lights Out cures Energy Saver insomnia. *** From the makers of Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner *** *** Special I

Combine treks, travel and maps to create a video. To see an example video, follow the "TrekMap Support" link Make your travels come to life.

***50% off the original price of $19.99!*** Create beautiful letters for all your personal and business needs! Letter Template Lab for MS Word is a rich collection of hundreds of exceptional letter templates designed for all kinds of occasions, and

Color Trick is a computer-controlled game that consists of a base unit with 4 color lenses The idea of the game is a simple one. Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them. The lights show up faster the more sequenc

The Meridian is a revolutionary high quality full 3D App for anyone interested in the oriental medicine, meridian, and acupuncture. You can experience a 'real human like' 3D model and awesome explanation of acupuncture points made by oriental clinic

Heres is the Excellent Video Training Digital Sketching For Graphic Artist and Game Developers Learning to sketch confident linework with a stylus is hard. Even for seasoned traditional artists. To help simplify this intimidating subject, I&rsquo

NounStar is a really fun and effective way to introduce your mind to a brand new language! Fully supported to study: English Specifically engineered to take with you whenever you're on the go, you'll never want to leave home without it. NounStar&rs

*** - All the templates in the app and even more! *** Meh Templates for MS Word S Edition is an amazing add-on for Microsoft Word app. It features 100 templates in 10 categories. Hand made templates for your everyday documents! Min

Desktop Social is the best & most powerful 3 party app for Facebook with the ultimate ability of page customization! Only with Desktop Social can you access both Facebook & Messenger, customize Facebook pages, remove Ads, hide stories, zoom photos,

Season of Tree will take your children on a magical and unforgettable journey to a forest full of colours, curious creatures and exciting challenges. Your children will wade though the foggy woods and explore the forest as a furry sloth. Main featur

Chickens. For centuries we have oppressed them, grilling, roasting, stewing, and stuffing them in buns. The time has come for us to pay. Intergalactic chickens are invading Earth, seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren! This ti

Learn the secrets of how to play and win at backgammon with this collection of 188 tuitional video lessons. There are lessons from beginners to advanced levels and many strategies, tips and tricks are included. Use this app as a “Video Refere

Welcome to the wonderful world of numbers. I Can Count 123 is a fun and interactive app designed to teach children in the early stages to count and recognise numbers. Learning to count couldn't be easier! Designed for young minds and tiny fingers, t


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Avokado is a single user recipe cost app allowing you to cost recipes quickly and efficiently. Once the initial setup is done, all you need to do is update the ingredient and production costs pricing and you will be able to see in an instant what you

This App of the Skin Parts, is one of the most perfect and successful of the real shape of the human skin structure, in digital form and in computer animation, that powers your expectation. This application allows in the area of education, to accura

VibeProViewer is an industrial tool to visualize the vibration measurements stored in the database generated by the VibePro iPad App. All the data saved in the iPad can be exported to your Mac computer. View the Plants, Machines, Measuring Points an

Ace your FAA Flight Engineer (FEX/FEJ/FET) written (knowledge) test. While few of us will work as Flight Engineers these days, potential employers at airlines and corporate operators love to see evidence that you've mastered advanced aircraft system

Repeat My Business Task is a task manager that has a minimalistic interface without any superfluous functions. Using this app you can put in order schedule, systemize workflow or organize projects. ALWAYS BE IN THE LOOP - 2 zones on the main screen

Random Passwords is an easy and intuitive Password Generator for creating safe passwords. It display the quality of the generated password and lets you define the length as well as the characters used for creating the password. Settings: - Use upper

This app can slow-playback video data, can burst shot from any point in video to some interval images , for sports training, learning. 1) movie data playback function This app can change video playback speed. x0.5,x1(normal speed),x2(rapid play),x-1