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Colour Bind is a physics platformer-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not just by mass, but by colour. Beating each unique puzzle in Colour Bind will take patience, intelligence, quick reflexes and sometimes even a helping

Check out the Exclusive Game Video Trailer Juke Box for kids is an awesome collection of dance, sing and play while you learn. Kids can dance to popular rhymes, sing along with popular rhymes and play musical instruments. Da

Kayero is an interactive JavaScript notebooks editor. - It's just Markdown - a Kayero notebook is just a Markdown document with a script attached. - Every notebook is fully editable and can be saved as a Markdown file. - JavaScript code blocks can b

iMaster is the new way to self teach yourself on various different topics. iMaster Ruby on Rails is the easiest way to learn how to program with the powerful and popular Web Application Framework Ruby on Rails. Gain skills in one of the highest payin


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Vivi is a wireless presentation tool that enables users to share, display, annotate, capture and save information in real time, from anywhere in the room. Engage more actively and collaborate more effectively, with the freedom to move around and use

Image Editor is an pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art, such as those 8-bit sprites found in old-school video games. With innovative features like a unique color palette system, patterns, layers, and high-zoom support

Just Browse your file and then generate or validate your file. Full range of Checksums provided including MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA256. It's that simple! Enjoy!

◆Introduction: Several girls in an apartment are missing in a row and you are responsible for investigating this case. When you begin to investigate this apartment, another girl is missing. You search and find that a serial killer was executed

NOTE: When saving the graphics to your computer, Click the Save button & CREATE A NEW FOLDER on your Desktop or Documents and DO NOT Save font in the default folder. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Get your graphics

Namely PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a useful tool designed to help you convert PDF to PowerPoint (PPT) with high quality. With this application, you can load a batch of PDF files and convert them one by one to editable PPT slideshows images, hyperl

••• 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ••• Image To PNG Converter - Convert your Photos is the perfect app for who wants to convert their pictures easily and quick without to many complex process. Image To PNG Converter has a

VAT Calculator is a stylish and easy to use tool for VAT calculations. Choose VAT calculation operation (include or exclude). Six buttons where you can define your own VAT percentages.

Writing scripts requires a unique mix of creativity, skill and technique. Watch this course to learn both screenwriting and master Final Draft skills at the same time. Take your scriptwriting to a whole new level! App Features: • 56 minutes of

Compress photos to minimum file size(Disk space). There will not be any major visible changes in the quality of the photos/images. Photo/image frame size or aspect ratio are not altered. You can select a compression scale from 0.0 to 0.95. A compress

You can archive your invoice for a fast shown and for found it in your paper file.

Who can use this app: - South Metropolitant Tafe Manager. - Other school Managers. Which functions this app provide: - Inside Management menu, manager can create, edit or delete Lecturers, Courses, Units and Rooms. - Manage Lecturers, Courses, Units

Caravelle is a File manager featured with a dual pane browser. This feature is particularly useful to manage transfer from one location to another, avoiding the use of the traditional Select and Drag&Drop. It's inspired on applications existing in

An ancient Nordic Solitaire adventure awaits! Help Elof lead his people to a land promised by the God Feyr! Beware…this land is under dispute by the Jotun Idyl, an archrival of the ancient Gods. - Play through challenging levels as the sto

Folder Backup provides backup or mirroring of your important folders in almost real-time. It is ideal for backup of important folders that are modified frequently to another volume or storage disk. Main features: • Supports both continuous au

Imagine mySalesAgent as your personal App Wishlist, App Shopping list or Collection. You can search for iPhone, iPod, iPad, AppleTV and macOS apps and add them to your watchlist. If one of your desired apps reaches the price for which you would like

"A good brain workout." - The Guardian "Challenging word game that is easy to pick up and fun for all ages!" - The 405 Dsmvwld s wrd gm bt pttng ths psky vwls bck whr thy blng - btwn th cnsnnts. vry pzzl s phrs r wrd wth th vwls frcbly rmvd nd th

The Education District Virtual World (TED) is a place to find people and content about education, training and culture. Thanks to our integrated voice we offer you a new unique experience, the closest to real life. In our public area you will find:

Zombie Alpiner combines the superb gameplay of old-school, classic, platform games with a modern 3D voxel/sandbox graphic engine for an engaging game experience. Explore all the various levels, collect items, avoid monster and pitfalls and have a lot

The Combo 2-3 Review Program contains 2,000+ USMLE STEP 2 CK and 2,000+ USMLE STEP 3 practice questions. Score95 takes you front and center in your USMLE review with five-star high-yield diagnostic style questions that test your knowledge

This Loan Payment Calculator computes an estimate of the size of your monthly loan payments and the annual salary required to manage them without too much financial difficulty. Find the right home loan by calculating your loan amount, term, repaymen

Weather information with funny commentary to make you smile. Solar app is the true weather app with a little humanity. Just grab your phone and let Solar tell you what it really thinks. Note: If you afraid of the “F” word and any kind

WebTools is an Xcode extension designed to make writing web code easier with snippets, templates, and tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. CSS: * New variable template * New media query template * Format your CSS code HTML: * HTML template (HTML5 d

MKV Converter Unlimited helps you convert MKV to the most popular video/audio formats, and convert MKV to the video for playing on popular mobile devices. Key Features - Convert MKV to AVI, MP4 and other regular video formats. - Convert MKV to al

Play a FREE trial of this immersive, high-quality game! Then pay once & play forever offline! Obsessed by dreams of a mysterious circus, Joy awakens each night with tears and the dreadful feeling that her waking life is the real nightmare. Why are t

CasaTunesSync synchronizes your music on one or more Macs with your CasaTunes Music Server