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The very first game you'll ever uncomplete! When you pick up this game, it has already been beaten. The big bad boss is defeated, the coins are collected and the princess has been rescued. Why, oh why? Unraveling this mystery takes you through th

A handy calculator to estimate the fuel consumption and fuel cost of a trip. The fuel cost calculator can help you figure out how much fuel you need for your trip and how much it will cost. Enter the distance (in miles or kilometers), the average f

GigaSync is the missing link between your Siemens Gigaset DECT handsets and your Mac. It allows you to synchonize any contact group of your Mac address book with any of your handsets. Synchronize one contact group to all your handsets or use a separa

With DataReader you can import and visualize comma-seperated (CSV) and time-based values from any data logging machine. Charts can be exported as JPG images with ease. Retina Displays on Macs are supported. Your imported data is stored in a local dat

3D anatomy of the uterus: In this study: Anatomy of the uterus, are shown, each and every one of its parts, functions, activities, types, textures, 3D views and special information about the anatomy of the uterus. 3D, one can see the anatomy of the

Part Number Decoder for Flash; Support SAMSUNG NAND Flash(e.g K9XXXX); Hynix NAND Flash(e.g H27XXXX,HY27XXXX); Micron NAND Flash,High Speed NAND,Enterprise NAND(e.g MT29F,MT29H and MT29E); Intel Flash(e.g JS29F)

Ultranium4 is a crazy mix between a breakout game and a space old school arcade shot'em up that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a multiplayer mode. The game has been fully redesigned since the original version, and it now features

▶▶▶▶▶ DjVu to PDF, DjVu to Text, DjVu to Tiff, DjVu to JPG, DjVu to PNG, DjVu to BMP, DjVu to GIF, DjVu to TGA, DjVu to JP2, DjVu to J2K, DjVu to XPM, DjVu to EXR ▶▶▶▶▶ DjVu converter can

Erase part of a video and save the remaining parts as a new video. Why? Maybe part of the video contains private / confidential information that you want to remove. Video formats supported: mp4, avi, asf, flv, wmv, swf, mov, mpg, mkv.

Irish-English and English-Irish dictionaries available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 100 sample translations of each dictionary are available to preview before buying _____ The app allows you to easily and quickly navigate through and try ou

NO ADS, nothing else to buy, unlimited money supply. Play up to 3 hands at once, or compete against others User-adjustable chart showing correct plays Be notified of the correct play, or turn that feature off. Complete player stats available during t

The Mac Power User’s Yammer Client. Easily engage your colleagues via Yammer without needing to keep a browser window open. Scuttlebutt is a full-featured Yammer client made just for the Mac that provides: * Native Cocoa experience that work

Brainjogging reinvented for kids! With great attention to detail this game addresses children and parents looking for family friendly gaming fun and a great learning experience. You will find the funny setting on the Isle of Brains an ideal environme

TopHat Apps Menu provides a global menu for fast access to your favorite and most used apps. * Add any app to the favorites at the top of the menu. * Display most used apps by order of usage. * Display recently used apps for any time range you speci

This application manages your personal life or your small business It allows you to control customers, suppliers, cash receipts, cash payment Issues periodic reports of payments and receipts Periodic charts issues of payments and receipts

The turkeys revolted three years ago. Not coincidentally, that was the same year mankind last had Thanksgiving dinner. We should have seen it coming. It was the logical conclusion of our perennial turkey oppression. Years of slicing, dicing, choppin

V2MMLは、MML作成支援アプリです。 MMLとは、Music Macro Language の略で、プレーンテキスト&

Track Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin prices from your Mac's menu bar.

▶▶▶ Brand New version 3 You thought video converter softwares were: - too complex? - or easy but poor? Welcome to MovieConverter-Studio version 3 ! Because video processing is too technical to be entrusted to anyone… Because

This app contains 20 Flyer Templates for Adobe Photoshop. Every time you want to create an awesome flyer, just browse through the designs in this app, find the template that you like, open it with Adobe Photoshop and edit the template. It's very easy

THIRTY-TWO GAMES IN ONE! The ultimate comprehensive, great value solitaire collection for macOS: 32 addictive solitaire/patience card games in one a single app! No hidden extra purchases! For ONE single purchase, get ALL games, including Free Cell, K

Vitateca Vitateca ist ein Projekt, das allgemeinverständliches Wissen über Gesundheit und Krankheit mit dem Ziel vermittelt, Gesundheit für alle Menschen dieser Erde zu ermöglichen. Cellular Health Education (CHE) ist ein Lernpr

VAT Pro is the most feature rich VAT and Sales Tax application on the App Store and includes VAT rates for 80 countries and all US states, Record and export facility plus a European VAT validator with name and address check built in. ** FEATURED IN

2Icon can help you generate PNG icon resource to use in Xcode. Simple drag and drop an image into the application, and then select the export type, they can generate all icons. Export format: iPhon App: 58 x 58 [email protected] 87 x 87 [email protected]

Light Leaks provides 260 filter effects beloved by professional photographers, Light Leaks themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. ◉ WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT The Light Leaks offers a wid


Check out the Exclusive Game Video Trailer An evil scientist had created a virus that can turn people into zombies and he planned to spread that virus in the town. He first started to spread the virus from an office in the bus

Learn Ukrainian quickly, effectively and while having fun with Instant Immersion! Reach your language-learning goals by immersing yourself in vocabulary, everyday phrases and advanced dialogue. Whether you’re a family planning your dream vacat

6 Main functions : - Add Tax - Remove Tax - Discount - Increase - Percentage Change - Installment and Interest - Daily Interest

Best tool for resize images. Function: - Easy to use, only drag & drop - Batch resize images Supported formats: All image files, folders

Amazing BW Photo has 450 original filters. Each filter was inspired by the best filter around the world and carefully crafted to make your photo stand out, the process is so simple and enjoyable, it will help you become more creative.