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Calc IBAN and BIC (SWIFT) from Accountno and Bankcode in the new Format for SEPA transactions. You can calc for DE (Germany), AT (Austria) und CH (Switzerland)

For children ages 3 and up. Easy and fun collecting game. Drag and drop items to help Sid finish his song, and receive a jewel as an award. Almost 100 different jewels to collect. A great fun way to make time fly! See the gameplay video here: http

In the Ear Training 101 course you learned how to identify melodic notes and intervals. In this exercise-filled, 49-video course, Gregg Fine teaches you how to hear chords and harmonies. Educate your ears! App Features: • 212 minutes of video t

“You won’t understand Russian until you learn it more than one way”. - Language Magazine What is «En-Ru Proverbs»? «En-Ru Proverbs» is award winning new system to improve your Russian. The program developed

Hey !! make fun this Monster with Monster car garage fun with amazing features of garage First time in iphone store, make your vehicle awesome and different from others.Customize and clean 10 or more different vehicles in Monster Car Garage Fun.

Tiny Planets

18 days ago

Tiny Planets is the professional level panorama converter too both tiny planets and rabbit holes. The iPhone 6 can make beautiful 42MP panoramic photos and Tiny Planet will take advantage of every single pixel to produce the highest quality output po


Pulls lists all of your open Github Pull Requests directly in your menubar for easy access. If it's available, the app also shows the status of your build so you don't have to keep going back to the website to check it.

Touch Forms Pro 2 is here! Full featured standalone web form design software with no monthly subscription fees! Touch Forms allows you to build beautiful web forms with an intuitive drag and drop designer, publish to your own web host through built-

Obsidian keeps all your OTP tokens in a safe place wrapped in an elegant UI. All the data is stored in your Apple Keychain and not accessible anywhere else. You can also sync your tokens on your iPhone, iPad and Mac via iCloud. Features includes: &

The next chapter in puzzle adventure awaits! After restoring the city of Atlantis, you discover a magical book that sends you on a journey through literature in World Mosaics 3 – Fairy Tales! Solve pictographic puzzles on your way through the s

It’s time for Algebra to be fun! Learn Algebra and have fun doing it with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge. People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn new skills. Algebra Bubble bath changes each time you play it with ran

Real Currency Calc lets you calculate currency exchange rates easily. It's a powerful simple currency rates converter, always up to date currency rates. Over 168 world currencies supported.

Sabrina’s Sight Words is a great way to help your child learn to read. In the English language there are many sight words that children need to be able to read when they see them instead of sounding them out. Sabrina’s Sight Words takes t

Learn Ballet techniques, steps and drills from this wonderful collection of more than 300 video tutorials. The app has many easy to use features: *** play the lessons *** alter the lesson title *** alter the lesson description *** add your own

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Makes solving right-angled triangles easy! Trigonometry help is a simple, yet robust, triangle calculator that enables you to quickly and easily find unknown angles & sides of any right-angled triangle. Once you've found the unknown values, Trig. he

The ocean and skies have turned against you. You must use your cannon to shoot them before you sink to the depths of the sea. Survive as long as you can.

Become a public transport driver! Pick up all passengers at each station and drive your pocket tram fast & carefully across the city to the final station of each route. Explore a virtual city, earn coins, unlock all vehicles, and abide by traffic rul

APNS Push sends notification over newly introduced HTTP/2 connection Seamlessly send notifications to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Safari Features: - Directly send notifications using Certificates in KeyChain - Also supports newly introduced Unified

Your secret is PRICELESS. The Best and Most Private Photo app for you to protected your private photos. If you have photos that you’re not keen on letting everyone see, PhotoProtection - Secure Photo Manager is the right app for you. With

Phenomena is a quartz composition player that lets you access your composition’s parameters without needing an editor to update your compositions for different playback situations. Phenomena is an essential application for VJs, kiosk builders a

"A clear winner… and an unbelievable bargain." — Macworld, 4½ Mice. Labelist is the fastest, easiest way to design and print address labels, disc labels, envelopes and letterhead. Whether you're reinventing your company image, pr

It's never too early to improve your vocabulary skills! 3rd Grade Vocabulary Prep was designed for the student and family looking for an advantage in solidifying their word skills: - Study anywhere and learn hundreds of vocabulary words at your

Imagination and creation, Painter makes painting much easier and full of joy. With all the simple and effective painting tools, Painter offers you the most comfort and enjoyable painting experience on Mac. Draw the beauty in your life with Painter an

Match the colored blocks and watch them swish by you in this 3D implementation of a classic puzzle game, with almost endless variations! We obviously think Downfall is great, but don't take our word for it. Scroll down to read what some of the magazi

After a long hard working day everything you need is to forget about all your problems and get rid of stress. Sleep And Relaxation - beautiful application that will create a perfect atmosphere for you. Just close your eyes and imagine: in a rainy day


TacticalPad is the most complete tool for coaches, assistant coaches, performance analyst, journalists and sport enthusiasts. Easy to use, agile, together with Tablets’ and Smartphones’ mobility, TacticalPad is the best option for profes

Image Editor is an pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art, such as those 8-bit sprites found in old-school video games. With innovative features like a unique color palette system, patterns, layers, and high-zoom support

Find the perfect bass guitar chord voicing for your songs! Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, the app will show you chord diagrams with all possible options in all 11 positions of the bass guitar fretboard. Simply select a chord root on the l