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As an advanced and evolutionary version of the clipboard on Mac, Onde ClipBuddy preserves all basic functions and automatically saves all your cutting and copying contents from any application as clips with detailed information. Onde ClipBuddy suppor

BatchOutput PPT automates printing and PDF production from Microsoft PowerPoint. Please note that BatchOutput PPT requires Microsoft PowerPoint 2008, 2011 or 2016. Print and save multiple PowerPoint files as PDF with just a click of a button. Just

Learn how to record a live string section in this informative new tutorial by expert audio engineer, Clint Murphy, at Modern World Recording... Violins, violas, celli and double basses. Imagine having the opportunity to record a live string section:

Don’t miss our new App in the Mac App Store! You can quickly translate anything you want with "Translator Service", from any application by simply selecting the text or by using a keyboard shortcut. In no time at all the text you selected wi

Lola’s Learning World is a comprehensive math game with dozens of tasks for hundreds of hours of child-friendly educational fun with Lola Panda. The tasks are developed with top educators to help improve school readiness for children ages 3-5.

If you want to add chapter for your video or create submenu then the app is your best choose . You can burn videos and photos to DVD, the app is professional dvd creator tool . DVD Creator Pro - Video Photo Burn is a very easy-to-use DVD maker tool.

Having one open web page at a time is a thing of the past, the ability to flick seamlessly between web pages has become essential to web browsers. 3D Web Browser is exactly what you need to flick seamlessly through your web pages. The features it has

Pastery for Xcode allows you to generate pastes on from your source files. The extension supports (among others) Swift, Objective-C, Objective-C++ and pure C/C++. To install the extension follow the steps below: * Launch "Pastery for Xc

Super Video Enhancer is the best and easiest video editor software, which enables you to enhance your video quality greatly. It not only enhances the video resolution from 480p to 720p, 720p to 1080p, 1080p to 4K and so on, but also can improve video


Learn over 4,100 Hebrew words. Yes, that's right, 4,100! And each and every one with true native speaker audio. Includes flashcards and exercises. * Over 4,100 Hebrew words and phrases. * Every word includes a crystal-clear native-speaker audio

Any document with more than 30 pages should have an index. Besides making it easier for the reader to find things in your document, an index will also make your document look more professional. Sonar Bookends Basic can generate an index automatical

Blossom Bugs Quest! – a brand-new, addictive gameplay that’s not just match-3! The game may seem challenging at first, but it is an exciting puzzle that will keep you entertained for hours. Complete the levels and help the caterpillars

Learn to secrets of Hypnosis and mind control. Anyone who has seen a stage hypnotist will appreciate the incredible things that can happen under hypnosis. People can experience an overwhelming desire to do what has been suggested to them by the hyp

Texture Designer is an alternative graphics editor much different from Photoshop. Texture Designer has 100 building blocks for bitmap and vector manipulation and allows you to create buttons, textures, logos, icons and other image components. Featur

The 3B app empowers accredited businesses to request customer reviews at the point of service. From the 3B app, customers receive a text and submit their review directly to the participating Better Business Bureaus for verification. Getting online BB

Philasmicos R5 CRM Lite is a free customer relationship management system. You can easily manage your customer contacts, leads and opportunities. Key Features: * Customer Relationship Management (CRM) * Contact Management * Lead and Op

Kweetet SPEELet

5 days ago

Deze gratis app hoort bij het online oefenplatform Kweetet. Met de SPEELet app speel je de 3D-game. Om te spelen heb je kwetons nodig. Deze verdien je door oefeningen te maken via de LEERet app. Wat is Kweetet? Kweetet is het online oefenplatform

REXPlayer is a handy Rex file and slice sample player. It provides all the tempo flexibility you expect with Rex files in a fast, modern app that let’s you play any Rex file and play the individual slices via MIDI, or with your computer keyboar

“MAX4LIFE” is a Max7 Standalone App based on the famous “Conway’s Game of Life” Algorithm. Search the the many Web for info about the Algorithm itself. MAX4LIFE goals are: - to generate automated music - to be nonethe

Hyper lets you create very rich documents called "Stacks", which are like your very own mini-apps for personal or work needs. No coding required. Be sure to visit our website for the latest documentation and tutorials.

Gin Rummy Ultra

30 days ago

You can play Gin Rummy against the computer. A learning mode helps you to improve your play. You can play rated games against the computer.

This comprehensive selection of 111 Reiki Training videos will give you an insight to the World of Reiki. Discover what Reiki can bring to your life and enjoy the many benefits. Reiki can be used in many ways including Stress and Pain relief. App

Microscopy Image Cell Counter: Click, count, analyze. Manual cell counting is the most accurate approach when high-confidence results matter. If specific automated counting algorithms don't exist (or cannot be trusted), you've run an algorithm but w

ZZThemes - Templates for Word set consists of 100+ high-quality designs for Word presentations. More than just good-looking backgrounds, these templates include up to 10 different master slides.

WordPower Cantonese - The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder Rapidly Master 2,000 of the Most Frequently Used Words and Phrases in the Cantonese language right on your computer with the new and improved WordPower Learn Cantonese Vocabulary! Learn essential

Becoming a Pro Tools editing Ninja requires mastering the tools of the trade. In this PT 110 Certification study guide, join Certified Avid trainer Mike Watkinson as he explores the art of editing and managing clips in Avid’s Pro Tools... App

Write a better curriculum vitae. Get a better job!™ CV Maker makes writing a professional curriculum vitae easy. We provide all the tools you need to write a high-quality CV that will get the attention of hiring managers. Our career experts t

Full featured CHM file reader totally rewritten with modern UI on macOS. Features including: * Table of Content and Index * Text encoding detecting and switching * Tabbed browsing * Search in Table of Content and Index * Find in file * Bookmarks Up


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BabelBloX offers several games in one, all based in the same basic game universe -- a grid of colored BloX. Clusters of BloX with matching colors can be shattered. Gravity shifts to fill the empty space created, changing the relationships among the r

Video Desktop Pro transforms your desktop wallpaper into a beautiful video view. Personalize your desktop with nature scenes, home movies, marketing material, and more! Video Demo: Features: +4K Desktop vide