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The Minimoog Model D is back and we’ve created this course to show you what’s new, what’s the same and how this updated version of this classic, 70s synth works! So learn everything about the Minimoog with Rishabh Rajan. App Featur

Fonts and Color choices are the essential ingredients of effective web design. Join the expert training team of Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson in this enlightening HTML5 & CSS course dedicated to the art of Fonts and Color... App Features: •

Our Fantasy Baseball Draft Advisor Software was developed from the ground up using the latest Apple software development technologies. It is 10x faster than our PC program! Additionally, this year we have matched 100% of the most used features of t

Batch to convert photos to ink paintings. How to use? 1. Drop photos or folders onto Import icon from toolbar 2.Ajust parameters 3.Click on color tile to change color and drag color tile to adjust its order. 4.Press Preview button to preview or dr

As DSLRs become the de facto standard in video production, they bring with them a host of challenges in an editor’s workflow. In this tutorial Final Cut Pro Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you how to optimize your DSLR workflow in FCP X...

Read Winmail.DAT - ZZ opens the "winmail.dat" email attachments that were sent by Outlook and Outlook Express email clients. It can extract all attachments from winmail.dat files.

Tagging at its best combined with an appealing 3D document browser. Ten good reasons why you could be interested in Thouggle. Did you ever ask yourself … 1. … why it is so difficult to organize your documents in a rememberable form?

Password Creator lets you create random passwords. It allows to create a single password or a long list , up to 500000 (half million) of passwords, in a single click, inside an internal table, ready to be saved on disk as text It allows to create

OSXMML is a MML player with key board display. MML is abbreviation of Music Macro Language. MML describes information necessary for score and a performance in plain text. OSXMML obeys the description method of FlMML( adopte

Logic Pro X is a MIDI powerhouse! This MIDI-focused, introductory course by Logic expert Jonathan Perl gets you up and recording, editing and producing MIDI fast! App Features: • 74 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations &bul

Excellent greeting card templates. Now we have 50 professional templates It can be opened by using Photoshop. Greeting people in the face of the festive date or event, said another A card greeting, people usually gift cards include day birthday, Chr

Lucid is a new way of adding Animations, and other capabilities to your web pages. You can add simple menu transitions, Google Maps, JSON requests and so much more. Lucid is like building blocks for your webpages, you can add capabilitity by building

- Create text with letters of alternating colors - Text n Colors is a desktop application that lets you create text with letters of alternating colors. You select one or more colors to create a color list, which will be temporarily saved in a drop-d

Create IRS compatible FATCA metadata files in seconds.

Audio expert Matthew Loel T. Hepworth is back and exploring WaveLab 7's fantastic collection of Analysis and Mastering tools. Learn Steinberg's WaveLab and brush up on your Mastering techniques all at the same time in this powerfully informative cour

PinPop is the easy way to surf in Pinterest, it is a funny and useful app to use Pinterest on your mac! You can use all Pinterest features directly in PinPop. You can Watch videos, photos, write post better than your browser because Pinterest is

Maybe you’re a building contractor, design freelancer, or business consultant. You don’t need anything fancy, just something that’s fast and it works. Maybe you run a small business and don't want to waste your time over-analyzing

a newer version of v2.20 is here! autoExpire will delete or archive your files or folders at the time you preset. In the modern age, we are faced with the increasing digitalization of our lives. One effect of that is the huge volume of files we cre

imEDUltimate is a bash64、hash、encrypt and decrypt tool ultimate. **support: 1.AES 2.DES, Triple DES 3.Rabbit 4.RC4, RC4Drop 5.Base64 6.MD5 7.SHA-1 8.SHA-2 9.SHA-3 10.RIPEMD-160 11. HMAC 12.PBKDF2 .............................

Convert any valid JSON object to a class of one of the currently supported languages. Preview the generated content before saving it. Include constructors. Change the root class name. Set a class name prefix for the generated classes. A constructor

Do you develop iOS apps? Now you can easily resize the @3x and @2x images in the lower resolutions images required for your app in few seconds. For example, if you have your 3x image, and you don't have time to create the 2x, 1x images with the righ

Now With Compound Bow/Pistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows). Parachute/Bottle/Treasure Chest XP/Pick up Bonuses and lots more animals. Gameplay Enhancements/Game Tweaks. **Limited Edition - All Unlocked Version - No IAP's - Grab this GIFT NOW! while it

Have fun learning to identify the Federal Subjects and Rivers of Russia!! GeoExpert is unique among games in the App Store due to the fact that it is educational in nature and makes learning fun. Because of this, it is used in various schools to te

You have an amazing image but it's full of noise and you don't know how to remove? The regular apps can't help you with this problem? With Photo Noise Remove - Image Editing you can easily increase the quality of your image and remove all the imperfe


This app contains plenty of funny quotes to keep you entertained. Features: - easy to use design - quotes change periodically - desktop text showing a random funny quote If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please send an email to [email protected]

WordPower Ukrainian - The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder Rapidly Master 2,000 of the Most Frequently Used Words and Phrases in the Ukrainian language right on your computer with the new and improved WordPower Learn Ukrainian Vocabulary! Learn essential

Statsey is a menu bar app usage tracker that lets you analyze your habits and find out how much they are impacting your productivity or just to feed your curosity. Features: - most frequent data slices always one click away in your menubar, - custom

Help control the red ball while avoiding the spikes. Jump over the spikes and pass many different obstacles that are in your way. 40 Different Levels to test your speed and reflexes. Easy one touch control system Fun for all ages


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Dispatch is a powerful, feature-rich booking management tool for the chauffeur service, limousine hire and private hire industry The Dispatch app is one of a suite of applications and tools that enable you to manage all aspects of your chauffeur se

Flappy Zappy Bird is the addicting new craze that's sweeping the world! Fly your way across a vast ocean with addicting click to flap gameplay! Game Features: Click to Flap! Dodge Everything! Don't Blink! WARNING: Flappy Zappy Bird is super addicti