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App allows users to view cameras and perform different tasks as following; 1. Playback 2. Download recorded files 3. Get faces on all cameras 4. Get license plates [Requires special camera]

Kids love exploring, moms get no worries! This App aim to let kids feeling solar term, and close to nature in games! Day, night,to cast weather magic freely! Sunny, Raining, to cross between hot and peace! Click! Wave your little fan slightly,

File Info Explorer helps you to view the hash value, attributes and hex content of any format file clearly and fast. Supported Hash Values: MD5 Hash SHA Hash SHA1 Hash MDC2 Hash RipeMD 160 Hash File Attributes: Create time Modification time Owne

Most trivia games are boring, but "How Aussie are you?" takes a fun twist to it! Australia has amazing sites, cities and culture, but how much do you know about it? How about learning about it in a fun, addictive trivia game? "How Aussie are you?

A high performance privacy proxy and much more. AdBlocker Privacy Pro is a graphical user interface to manage an embebed Privoxy proxy that lets you to block Ads, Tracking, Malware domains and other annoying content when browsing the Internet. ** Re

Today it's available for your large screen !! Dragon Shoot is a wonderful shooting game for those who like medieval atmosphere, dragons and castle defense games! If you ever wanted to be a brave knight defending a beautiful princess in the high tower

This app has an amazing 452 easy to follow video tuitional lessons on how to play literally hundreds of guitar riffs and licks: App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group

Contains the full text of the Zingarelli 2013 Italian Dictionary published by Zanichelli. Illustration Gallery available. • more than 143 000 entries and 377 000 meanings • 44 000 expressions and idioms • phonetic transcriptions and

»Better Ears Beginner« is the free version of »Better Ears«, an educational music and ear training program. »Better Ears« helps you grow your musical skills and enhance your hearing capabilities. There are 13 diffe

The main goal of Record it - Audio And Sound is the qualitative recording process. There is no excessive buttons. Only the necessary ones. Never before you haven't recorded the things in a such a simple way. Record It - Audio And Sound holds all the

Check for issues, duplicates and hidden duplicates - a free utility to check the health of your address book. To fix any issues, to look at and to remove the duplicates, please get either Contact Duplicates or Contact Clearout.

Teaches matching, sorting, sequencing, finding, counting, and more! Kids can discover the world of animals with 7 fun educational activities: • Learn — Discover animals that live in the zoo, on a farm and as pets with talking flashcards!

Perioden is a complete periodic table app with useful molar mass calculator. It is easy to use and contains many features, which designed for you if you're science student. PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS - Single click access any element's propertie

Notesey is a handy notes manager that lets you put your notes in your menu bar - always just one click away. You can add as many notes as you want and assign a color to each of them to make them instantaneously visualy recognizable. If you want to go

Psd Localizer This app can make new Localized PSD files from a source PSD file by reading associated string files. Example: A Company wants to launch a product in England & Japan, a poster needs to be made and translated. The designer creates a f

Do you want to know how to compose music for games? Would you like a piece of a 50 billion dollar industry? If so, put down your game controller and pay attention to the monitor, because the talented and entertaining David Earl is here to teach you h

Runecats GIF Maker makes creating animated GIFs simple! Simply create a frame and add an image into each frame, and then export and your animated GIF is ready. You can easily import an existing GIF and then add additional frames, easily change the

WW1 was a horrific War killing many. Find out all about what really happened with this app that utilises some 118 documentary videos featuring real life footage and rare clips. The app has many easy to use features: Take The Guided Tour to see ho

Gray's Anatomy is an classic human anatomy textbook originally written by Henry Gray. The first in 1858 and is considered by many to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time. Gray's Anatomy is now available in both your iph

Das geniale Lernsystem für Angelscheine in Deutschland. (Probekapitel kostenlos, Vollversion per InApp Kauf) Wie in einem intelligenten Karteikartensystem wiederholt die App alle Prüfungsfragen. Ist eine Frage mehrfach richtig beantwortet

Do you want to feel like a wild animal? It´s an exotically entertainment, but in our app Wolf Life 3D you can be the real wild animal and nobody will be afraid! Colorful backgrounds and different animals will be around you. Silence and nature.

*** Get this app at lowest price! ONLY before this weekend!**** You have to do a very important military mission - to clean up the area from bloodthirsty zombies! Addictive shooter - Zombies In City 3D - it's a great chance for you to practice your a

• 5 hours of HD video tutorials! • 11 Chapter video lessons guided by an Photography expert • Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the videos. • The handy way to export resources With this tutorial, your imagin

Removes duplicates from a list. Simply paste your list into Deduplicator and hit ‘Find Duplicates’. Deduplicator will identify duplicate items and show them in a preview window. Hit ‘Remove Duplicates’ to proceed. Your list h

Music Metronome is a practice tool that produces a steady beat to help musicians play rhythms accurately. The pulses are measured in beats-per-minute (BPM). Most metronomes are capable of playing beats from 10 to 240 BPM. Common uses of the metronome

The app contains the equivalent of 18 full tests in eighteen categories. Each paper consists of 50 questions in multiple-choice format; the questions cover all of the question types contained in the actual 11+ and independent school common entrance e

Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe helps students practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills in a fun and friendly environment. Play against the computer or play head to head with a friend, parent, or tutor. Three math modes and two sk

Wild Animal Racing is a exciting go-kart simulation game with a twist. Play as an elephant, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, a rhino or a hippo! Play against the other animals or against a friend on the same tablet with the split-screen mode! Race your c

Collimating an astronomical telescope usually includes a step where an image of a star is viewed, or imaged by a camera, out of focus. Adjustments are made to the optical elements by adjusting screws, typically 3 of them, to bring various parts of th

• • • • Just Need $4.99 for Limited time • • • • Do you want to convert pdf to html files(.html) and extract image from PDF files? This app helps you!! It is a fast, efficient and reliable app designed for M