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PROMT Agent is a client application for PROMT Translation Server, allowing you to make translations on your iMac or Macbook and featuring: • Text translation • Website translation • SMS translation • Dictionary with pronunciation

Smash Candy is a delicious new action game where you defend yourself from swarms of sugary candy! Use your mighty hammer to smash incoming sweets as fast as you can! Click in the direction you want your viking to swing his hammer and send it smashi

LifeCatching is a way to stimulate recollections of events, recent, and in the long past - childhood, adolescence, marriage, etc. Careful.. it's a bit addictive! Totally rewritten. Also available for iOS. Information entered on any device can be sha

CoherentRx is a powerful patient education application for use by healthcare providers at the point of care. Note: CoherentRx is only available to CoherentRx-affiliated healthcare organizations. Write us at [email protected] to learn more. Pair

Zing is a photography tool that helps you watermark and brand your photos in an automated and simple way. In one click, Zing will quickly resize, brand, watermark, rename and convert all of the photos in a given folder. Zing is smart: for each photo

Revolver CD Cover offers professional-looking design for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray labels. Revolver initially developed a design for non-designers and people who have no graphic design skills. The program was intended for administrators and account manage

“Fancy Word Pro” is a really addictive game almost for all ages and for all comers! But we are sure that especially children will be able to see the true value of this educative app. Activate your fantasy thinking and knowledge of Englis

AXAnalyst+Video combines the best in data acquisition and analysis with your in-car (or outside-of-car) video, producing videos with overlaid data. Data analysis is the key for finding out how you can go faster. Video of the driver is the key for bre

AppShots is an easy and fast way to take your screenshots and create all the scaled sized for submitting your app. Just drag and drop your images, choose a folder, and create your images.

This program is is designed to teach users how to type on the keyboard without looking at it, which will significantly increase type speed. If you complete all of the exercises in this course, you guaranteed will be able to type without looking at

---------------Also available for iPad/iPhone/iPod in App Store!---------- This is an application for babies and young children (1-5 yr old) to learn new language - Arabic! Your child is naturally gifted when it comes to learning languages. Learni

OKN Strips can be used to elicit Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) for evaluation of neurological, otological or opthalmological disorders, includes a Red Desaturation mode and an Amsler grid for additional eye testing. OKN Strips: Click the screen (or us

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is an optically machine-readable label that is attached to an ite

Learn the locations of Canada's provinces & territories, capitals, and flags with interactive learning! Select the correct answer on a scrollable, high-resolution image of Canada. The 'Education Edition' of Canada Map Quiz is a paid app with no In-Ap

A powerful yet easy-to use app that enables you to convert PDF to images such as JPEG,GIF,PNG,BMP,TIFF. After conversion, you can easily edit or reuse the PDF content in other applications. Need help with this product or want to tell us what you thi

See a health preview for your zodiac sign and design your day according to it. Everybody wants to know if tomorrow everything would be perfectly fine - Health Horoscope – Well-Being By Zodiac Sign gives you such opportunity! ================

The System Toolkit is an all-in-one information and maintenance app designed for macOS. Information: • System Information Keep track of all your system loads. This includes CPU load, memory usage and network speeds. The full version also offer

Video File List

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*** Use Video File List to find out more about your movie files, detect poor quality content, and easily clean up your movie archive. *** Main Features * Detect poor quality content in your movie library * Sort and filter all your movie files based

Disco Dancer makes it easy to scrobble on the music you listen to on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and also SoundCloud! No fancy player features, Disco Dancer does one job and does it perfectly: scrobble your music to, making sure that you ne

Is he "the one"? Will I win the lottery? Get answers to life's toughest questions from the universe's one true source of wisdom, the Magic Crystal Ball! Just ask it any question and click your mouse to get a mystic reading! Watch as the magical bal

Sticky Menu simplifies drag & drop between apps, windows, spaces and fullscreen apps. As soon as you drag a file to your menu bar and release the mouse, the content stays there. Drop photos, documents, videos, folders or any other type... Sticky Men

Silcrow is a very simple and easy to use video transcription software. It allows user to open a video and start typing. It currently support DetX interoperability (from More features to come soon!

Final Cut Pro X is the Industry Standard Video Editing Software used by designers and computer users all over the World. Create professional video / dvd with amazing effects and transitions. There are literally hundreds of functions and techniques

MultiMarkdown Converter Pro is a completely new utility from MultiMarkdown Software, designed to make using MMD even easier! MMD easily converts plain text into: * HTML for web pages * EPUB 3 for ebook readers * LaTeX for creating high-quality P

Animal Dentist is free kids game to get ready to experience the amazing work of dentist. Destroy bacteria with lasers, pluck teeth, remove tar, and so much more. Choose from an exciting collection of characters. Choose from different kind of tools to

Big Galileo Viewer on Mac! This terrific app allows you to view Galileo Sociology Research data. Galileo is a suite of software for Social Science research developed by a team led by Dr. Joseph Woelfel. Galileo software works with the numerical re

This is an application that allows the ophthalmology surgeon to perform multiple IOL (Intraocular lens) Power, and Toric (Astigmatic) calculations. Including an intraocular lens power calculator for cataract surgery for virgin eyes, and eyes that ha

This application computes the ARL (Average Run Length) of a Xbar control with variable sample size (VSS). In addition, it performs an optimization of the parameters (warning limit, control limits and the two sample sizes) in order to minimize the ou

This app provides an easy way for logging in&out the IP gateway of Peking University on your Mac. (After Dec. 2016, support and update to this app is discontinued. Please use alternatives.)

VisionClassifier is a tool for making and image processing, image analysis, and machine learning. You just drag and drop image/video to application. Very simply! Main purpose is human, face, any object detection. This tool is useful in the following