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Screenshot Helper shows a full screen window with a solid color or a desktop picture so that you can take clean screenshots without having irrelevant windows and desktop icons in the background. The easiest way to get a clean desktop for screenshots

Now the popularly accepted version of Master of Typing is available in Chinese! Master of Typing - Learn to Type in Chinese is an effective TOUCH typing course that uses the fastest and most widely-used method for Chinese input (Pinyin) and excessiv

Our Five by Five FCC written test prep is the best way to prepare for your GROL, GMDSS, Ship Radar Endorsment, Radio Maintenance and/or Repair, or other commercial Operator FCC test. Unlike our competitors, our questions are UP TO DATE and FREE LIFE

Create amazing Vintage Effects. A super easy app to add vintage effects to all your photos. Comes with more than fifty presets. But it is very easy to add your very own. You can perform any kind of combination, create many different effects : sep

Designed specifically for menus – even includes a culinary spell checker. Built by the creators of Food Menu Design – the industry standard for menu design and can be used by many restaurants worldwide. Get creative by swapping backgroun

Mega Fifteen - Free classic mac puzzle game. Mega Fifteen Free is a sliding square free mac puzzle game, a superset of the Fifteen Puzzle, one of the World's best known puzzles. It consists of 9, 15, 24, and 35 numbered squares that are placed in

FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Reading the novels of Bulgakov and listening Chaliapin's recordings in original language or even understanding Russians as much as possible are very meritorious abilities. So, sometimes it might be difficult, but not in th

PictureSqueezer - Pictures the way you want them You need pictures for your website or a project? PictureSqueezer will manipulate many different formats and scale them to one format with one size. You can edit pictures, apply filters and remove tra

With MagicSketch have fun and create professional quality sketch software. In a few clicks you can achieve amazing effects and many variations! • Turn easily your photos in a sketch - read from multiple file format (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, photo

Need help with ListSpot or don't know how to work it? Click the ? button in the bottom right of the window or email us! Like what you see? Please give us five stars on the App Store! ListSpot is the best, simplistic app to let you make any type of li

Logs and sends emails when free disk space drops below a configurable threshold. Current disk space information can be displayed as tool tip in the status bar or icon hidden Please email me feature requests at [email protected]

Basejump is a base64 encoding tool which will help you to manage your css,html... files and the associated images. - Drag & Drop your images - Easy Access the base64 string ( Raw or as Data Uri) by clicking on the table cell - Combine the images as

iPhone/iPad version is in ISO app store. It's a bridge score calculator, a useful tool for scoring when you play bridge.

Science Fun At Home! Discover the fascinating world of biology with Kid Science: Biology Experiments. Learn about the ways plants and insects grow, adapt, heal and reproduce in a variety of environments. Then experience the hands-on thrill of perform

Learn about grading and Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve in this 23-tutorial, example-filled course! Andrew Balis is back with a look at primary color grading. In the first two courses you learned the basics of color and how to get around Resolve's int

Learn German (Swiss) quickly, effectively and while having fun with Instant Immersion! Reach your language-learning goals by immersing yourself in vocabulary, everyday phrases and advanced dialogue. Whether you’re a family planning your dream

Santa's list has been leaked and the Abominable Snowman has made the list. With his feelings hurt and fears of not getting any presents rising, he has summoned a zany pack of undead elves, reindeer, snowman and other colorful characters to strike bac

Improve your Golf by hitting better Drives and Long Irons and more with this fantastic collection of 191 Golf Training Video Lessons. Theres no better feeling that knowing your drive will go where you want it and also knowing that you can hit long

Space Pods is an arcade / space invaders / strategic / survival game, similar to a tower defense style game but with some original features and 80s style graphics. The goal of the game is to defeat all enemies in each world before your base is destro

“Mistakes are your best teachers.” This course examines 10 common EQ mistakes and shows you how to fix them. Let US make the mistakes so YOU don’t have to! There’s no better way to learn! App Features: • 58 minutes of vi

This app shows over 1500 photographs taken by Ben Shahn for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) from 1935 to 1941. You can view photos in an grid (with complete Library of Congress captions), one-by-one, and as a slideshow. You can also order pri

In this advanced Ozone 7 mastering course, you get 14 tutorials filled with exceptional advice by mastering engineer Daniel Wyatt. No beginner stuff. Just concise, expert tips that’ll take your masters to the next level. Don’t miss it! A

It’s time to set off on an unforgettable adventure around mysterious Asia! Get acquainted with the culture of the East: walk through a flowering sakura garden, climb up snowy peaks, visit a great temple and dive into a magical lake! Here you w

Deleting duplicate files is a must because duplicate files not only waste disk space in your hard drive or SSD, also they slow down your computer. Quick Duplicate Finder by WaveInsight Software is an awesome program that helps you remove duplicate

Simply turns your Mac into a wireless on-set monitor. In addition to multi-camera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use the TALKBACK feature to communicate with QTAKE HD operator. QTAKE Monitor is the essential companion app of the most advan

TinyShading is, as its name, a very simple pixel shader editor. The glsl code you typed in is realtime compiled and displayed on half of the window. It also supports features like syntax highlighting, live preview, auto completion, custom theme, erro

Snip2Code Web Services enable the user Search, Share and Collect the code snippets used every day in the software application developing activities. The user decides whether each of the owned snippets is to be kept private in his own repository, may

Find out and remove identical alphabets as quickly as possible. It is a simple game. But it is challenging and addictive. Tens of thousands of people are playing this style of game every day. Learn all 33 Russian alphabets during playing the game.

Time Converter is a handy app to convert between different time units. Supported time units: • Nanosecond • Microsecond • Millisecond • Second • Minute • Hour • Day • Week • Month • Year • De

Get into the groove of the costume rental biz! Manage your time and hire assistants through the busy Halloween, Mardi Gras and Rodeo seasons as you place wigs, mustaches, hats and silly noses for cash. Try this fun, exciting and outlandish costume re