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Welcome to the world of adorable little creatures called Woolies. "The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids" is a classic jigsaw puzzle for kids of all ages. A wide variety of characters, puzzle boards and various levels of difficulty will create an atmosphere,

Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzle Games with Forest Animals. The puzzles have three difficulty levels (4x3, 8x6, 12x9) and are suited for children 4 years of age and up. The game contains colorful graphics and nice music that are great for boys and girls ali

In 2.5 hours you will be making killer beats with Reason's incredible Kong drum machine... KONG!! To name a drum machine Kong, you must have created something really powerful... and that’s exactly what the mad musical scientists at Propellerhe

Every time you physically eject USB Flash drives, Thunderbolt Hard Drives, mobile devices connected as flash drive, without unmounting in OS X, your operation system gets error named "Couldn't unmount disk". Sometimes even OS X Disk Utility couldn't

3-Hours of Digital Video Production Tricks by Larry Jordan! Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: & Get a solid selection of new Video Editing tips & tricks every month, by Larry Jordan! A great grab-ba

Our travel planner is a smart tool for finding the journey with Stockholm's public transport (SL). You say where you want to depart and arrive and the travel planner shows you the best journeys for you. You can search for the start/destination addre

EBIM 是运行在 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 或以上操作系统下词汇量和功能都非常丰富的30键超强

Gem Slash is a fast-paced puzzle game that challenges you to fight against physics! A towering jumble of gems fills the screen, taunting you with its chaotic mess of color. Swipe the screen to make like-colored groups of gems disappear. The more you

Primary School Math: Grade 2 Math with Tutorials and Quizzes, Grade 2 Learning for kids {App for 6 to 8 year olds} Features: 1) Tutorials: - We are providing short note tutorials with best examples that are easy to understand. 2) Quiz: - Here we

Handy Converter is a streamlined menubar unit converter app that makes it easy to access the most important conversions anytime. It contains 22 categories and 148 units - including daily updated currencies. Features: - 22 categories, - 148 units and

Excellent Video Training on Learning CompTIA's Network+ certification training readies students for a vendor neutral certification making IT professionals gain expertise in configuring, managing, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining basic comp

Check out the Exclusive Game Video Trailer Kids Paints and Colors is an amazing coloring application teaching your child to use his wildest imagination to come out on the screen. The predesigned pictures and color palettes are


Search words and phrases in dictionaries with over 125,000 entries between English-Spanish/Spanish-English, English-Italian/Italian-English and English-French/French-English. Conjugate verbs in several languages. Avoid to pay Internet connection fees

EuroFaktura bietet alles, was Sie als selbstständiger Unternehmer/in, Freiberufler/in oder Handwerker/in von einer Faktura erwarten. Die Bedienung von EuroFaktura ist dabei unschlagbar einfach und intuitiv. *** Seit 10 Jahren speziell für

In this music theory course, master composer and arranger Gregg Fine explains all the fundamentals you need to start writing your own scores and lead sheets. App Features: • 86 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Of

The MiriID Vault allows users the convenience of storing up to eight of their MiriID accounts in one central location, whether from one institution, or various sources. MiriID is an easy-to-use, safe and secure personal identification system that ut

Hiero is a fun software to transliteration help of egyptian hieroglyphs. It's a WYSIWIG tool that allows simply get, from a list of signs (hieroglyphs), the treated hieroglyphic sequence information. This information includes the transliteration,

IMPORTANT MESSAGE A recurring subscription is NOT required to use this app. Extra Italian learning material is now included with the OPTIONAL Free Lifetime Account to Introducing the ultimate language learning application! Are yo

≈≈≈ LAUNCH DISCOUNT ≈≈≈ 90% OFF ≈≈≈ Master truck parking with this realistic 3d simulator. With lots of parking challenges just a click away, Truck Parking Simulator will keep you entertained for

So you want to learn PORTUGUESE? Good choice. All our PORTUGUESE courses focus on video lessons - it's intuitive, it's easy on-the-go because everything is on-screen, no books needed (although PDF files are included if you insist...), and mainly, it'

ClientLaunch is launched automatically when it is needed. By clicking special ClientLaunch links, you launch common online files with your locally installed programs. macOS automatically chooses the appropriate program for each file format (i.e., the

When Dream Theater's keyboard wizard teaches a course about rock & pop harmony, it's time to pay attention. Dive into this exclusive, example-filled course by musician extraordinaire, Jordan Rudess! This course, shot on location in Jordan Rudess' pr

*** WIDGET UPDATED FOR MACOS SIERRA *** QuickContacts is a widget to quickly find a contact in your address book from the notification center. Click on a property to copy the value and show the other available actions, including: - Phone call - Fa

Welcome to Nintengogo 11! The True Next Generation Brain Game! Can you merge same numbers to reach 11? Every step is challenging because there is no buffer space. You must watch carefully the three numbers that will fall down. Game Features: - You

Play along i-XyloPhone for "kids" of all ages! It’s the best Xylophone on the App Store! The iPad free version was in the Top20 in US, UK, Russia, China, France, Australia, Spain, Canada, Italy, etc. and featured in the "New & Noteworthy" in se


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It is a smart switcher of language input source for no-en users of Max OS X. It will help you to change the input source when current active application changed. GhostSKB是一个智能输入法切换


Block Rockin'... a physics-controlled game of 3D block-smashing fun. Features 20 challenging levels in 5 themes, 12 unique power-ups, user profiles, high score tables, and a block rockin' soundtrack! Hit the blocks with your ball to smash them off

IdeasBox for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® app explores dozens of creative ways to build amazing mechanisms with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set. Each model includes a list of the required parts, minimal text and many photographs from multiple angl

RapidPack is simple folder spanning software. RapidPack is software to automate the spanning of if you want to save is divided into a large amount of data to multiple disk(media)s. Spanning unit size and filenum can be specified freely, it can also

CSVEditorPro2 is a simple and powerful editing CSV's Mac App. ========================================================== Release notes for CSVEditorPro2 (GettingStarted Video: Main Features: 1 supports multiple document m