Developer: Arrowhead Corporation

Current Version: 2.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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An utility to modify configuration parameters of Zebra Printers. Features two ways to change the configuration:
1). Exporting a .sgd configuration file to the printer.
2). Manually setting a parameter right from the utility.

Requires the printer to be connected to your Mac via USB port and CUPS.

This does not generate the command codes to send to printer. This must be known beforehand by either building in the ZPL program guide, or exporting from Zebra setup utilities for windows. We have included examples for common encryption types.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by k235791113

DONT BOTHER. Worse than nothing - I mean, well played calling it the same name as the _real_ windows version and charging $10 for this. You’ve earned my $10 since I appreciate a good hustle. This is nothing more than a limited UI to CUPS. Not only limited, but harder to use. Don’t buy this. Grab a coffee and your favorite text editor and spend a bit of time learning `lp` command and CUPS interface.

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Version 2.2
Review by imcmcmc

you will basically have to guess how to make it work, but it can work - in his support video, the author candidly describes this program as not even a beta version, but an alpha version. it is clearly a helpful tool if you are a programmer but for a noob like me it took several hours of tinkering and guessing to get it to work using the provided support instructions. But ….I finally did use it to get my GX420D wireless Zebra printer onto my secured network, which otherwise seemed pretty impossible since I have macs and Zebra’s software is only for windows. I was afraid I’d have to buy parallels and a copy of windows just to get this printer onto my wireless network so thankfully I did not have to do that. there’s LOADS of room for improvement in this program and in the support and documentation for people like me, however.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.2
Review by Gavinshope

24action - How did you get it to work with your GX420d? I have it on my private home wireless network and I can send things to print to it but it just spits out blank lables. I had it working once with a different mac and have since upgraded but have completely forgotten how I was able to make it work. Any help is apprecieated. Thank you

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Version 2.2
Review by Chuck Krutsinger

Could not get it to work. - I watched the teaching video on their site several times and attempted to follow the instructions. The video was out of date on OS X versions, which added to the difficulty. After hours of trying to get it to work, I gave up. I want my money back. Contacted tech support and they did not get back to me. Instead, I was able to just use text files with the lp command to send commands to the printer after setting up a cups queue for the printer as explained in the video. $ lp -d Zebra_Technologies_ZTC_iMZ320 label.txt That approach works great and does not cost $9.99.

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