watermark PRO

Developer: cf/x

Current Version: 1.7.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 44 MB - Download


Add Text, Logos, Maps and QR-Codes to your photos, resize and rename - in bulk! Then save your watermark designs to quickly apply it to more photos later.

NOTE: watermark PRO is FREE FOR YOUR EVERY DAY USE. Larger batches and some advanced features require an in-app purchase to permanently enable that functionality.

Built like a drawing app, watermark PRO allows you to quickly add text, logos, maps and QR-Codes to your photos in mere seconds. Drop a bunch of images into the tray, position and set up the watermarks, hit go - easy as that.

NEW: 16 bit image support! If your original uses 16-bit deep colors, the watermarked image can be saved as 16-bit image as well.

NEW: Change or set Copyright/Author metadata

watermark PRO can simultaneously add complex watermarks, convert to a different file type, resize and rename your photos in a single pass.

Sporting more high-end features than you can shake your mouse at, watermark PRO is still simple to use. All watermarks can be individually configured.

Watermarks general features
- Intuitive object-oriented editor with advanced features and smart alignment help
- Add as many watermarks (text, logo, map, QRCode) as you like
- All watermarks (text, logos, maps, QRCodes) can be positioned anywhere, freely resized and rotated
- All watermarks support transparency, shadow, and blend modes
- Save your designs for later use

Text Watermark
- Auto-resize for easy editing
- Any font, color, style, background color
- Smart text support (see below)

Logo Watermark
- Use any image as a logo
- Automatic crop modes

QRCode Watermark
- Up to 4000 characters, self configuring
- Instant updates

Map Watermark
- Automatically loads location from GPS data embedded in photos
- Visually displays direction camera was facing (when heading information is available)
- manual and Mac-location supported (requires access to location services enabled)
* Note: Currently uses non-Apple Map Services

Line Art
- Choose from 6 standard pre-sets to place line art over your images

Smart Text
Text, QRCode and Export can access meta data. Add time stamps or other dynamic information (e.g. Artist, Aperture, Modification Date, Lens or Camera) to your photos

Export Module
- Use file naming rules to simultaneously watermark, resize and rename your photos
- Highly flexible file name scheme that can access EXIF and other metadata
- Convert to file formats: JPG, JPG2000, PNG, PDF, PSD, BMP, GIF, TIF
- Save as 16-bit image if source was 16 bit
- Resize using the following units: percent, pixel, inch, cm
- Can create single multi-page PDF


Release Notes:

- fixes a bug where smart text counters could count differently
- fixed possible crash when using GPS maps as first watermark item
- made sure 'loading' spinner is turned off correctly when done reading an image


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.0
Review by MelGreer

Easily 5 Stars - Watermark Pro is an excellent waterproofing app. It does exactly what it says it will do, and it does it quickly and easily... Once you understand how it works. Having only used it for a couple of days, I discovered (almost immediately) why there were angry reviews posted. Basically, the program has *two* different items that must be saved and despite the accompanying video tutorials, this fact is not made totally clear. 1. You will want to save the image you have watermarked and, 2. You will want to save the watermark itself. The fact that this distinction is not made clear, accounts for the few poor reviews in which users were angry that the program saved their files in a format not readable by their designated programs. The watermark itself, is saved in a file with the extension .watermark. The image that you watermark, is saved as you want (jpg, tiff, png, pdf... etc.). It took some playing around with the app before I was able to determine the distinction. The SAVE command is related to saving the watermark whereas, the "Start Processing" button actually saves the image (with the watermark on it). Once I got past that hurdle, the app worked like a dream. I haven't even dealt with the bells and whistles such as when batch processing, being able to label/title images automatically. Give your images a name and then with the click of a button add a count as part of the label (1 of 50 for example). There are a couple of in-app purchases but they will not inhibit you from trying out the program fairly completely. I've been searching for an app this full featured on the Mac for a long time. My suggestion is to just download it. It is easily a 5 star app.

Found helpful by 34 out of 34 people
Version 1.4.0
Review by Chris Madrid

Complete Garbage - Looks easy enough, but when you save your image it saves it in a proprietary “watermark” file format even though it says it is saving it in JPEG. Renaming the file doesn’t help. Preview can’t open these images, nor are they really JPEG images. They only way to use these images is to open them in watemark. Don’t waste your time with this app!

Found helpful by 20 out of 22 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.7.1
Review by Linjs

Works Great - I had another app that I used for awhile, but it didn’t always allow me to put my watermark exactly where I wanted it, so I switched to this one. I did purchase the unlimted tray in-app purchase as I do like to batch edit. It rarely crashes (but has a couple of times) and when I discovered how to save a template, I was much happier with it. I would give it 5 stars, but I don’t like the preview in this app. In my other app, the preview was the full photo and I could see exactly how it was going to look. In this app, you right click on the image in the tray, and it gives you a small preview. It really needs a full-size preview. Other than that, it does what I need it to do.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.7.1
Review by ok no0

Crashes and the watermarks do not stay in the right place and transparency does not seem to work - Every time I try to remove pics from the tray or slide them around it doesn’t work and crashes. SO every new batch I have to input my settings again. When I do get it to process the pic I find out that the watermark is covering the subject of the photo instead of being alongside it where I placed it, and it is no longer transparent so it looks gaudy and draws too much attention away from the pic :|

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.7.1
Review by TLL Jr

Love it! - Does all of what I needed after ditching Adobe Slow-room and non of what I don’t. Watermarks? Yes! Remove them? Yes! In app upgrades fast and pinless when I ned them? Yes! Only improvement I could ask for? Plugin for photos!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.7.1
Review by TayMack30

NOPE - Its great untill the application fails and closes after about 5 minutes. If you can scurry to put you watermarks on your pictures in time, then its fine. I suppose.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.7.1
Review by Mister Furious

JUNK! UNUSABLE! - All I needed was a simple program so I could batch watermark photos prior to posting them on EBay. Instead I got a useless app that freezes every time I try to specify a file destination, and without a file destination, the program won’t watermark anything. Avoid at all costs!

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people