Developer: Markus Lieffertz

Current Version: 1.5.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 5.8 MB - Download


Learn vocabulary with better success in less time with viaverbi!

viaverbi brings the proven spaced repetition learning method to the Mac. Although suitable for different learning contents, vocabulary is viaverbi's main focus. For this, the program offers support for different script systems, automatic keyboard-layout switching and integration of Mac OS X's spell checker.

viaverbi leads every single item on its individual way into your long time memory. And because every item is trained only right before you forget it, a great learning impact is achieved with low effort.

For the best user experience viaverbi provides a reasoned set of evaluation and reminder functions. The simple and straightforward user interface make viaverbi a great choice for students of any age.

Input of vocabulary is part of the learning method, therefore viavebi contains no data. However, you can import your existing vocabulary lists from CSV-files.


Release Notes:

In this version a bug was fixed that allowed to skip a learning level when the OK button was double clicked accidentally.