Developer: SOFTVISION Consulting INC.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Shoot. Sketch. Share.

uSketch is the best tool for creating sketches from your images.
With a very intuitive and simple interface, uSketch allows you to take a photo, select the sketch you like better and share it right away.
You can't do it easier!


* works on all Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and supporting at least Open GL 2.0
* unlimited image size
* full screen mode
* 12 sketch effects
* 13 image filters and 6 presets (good combinations of filters)
* load image from disk / take picture with camera
* share on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, email, save, print
* easy to use

Got the image? We've got the sketch!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by kellyjgrace

Draw like Da Vinci - This is a great tool for learning to draw. Take a simple photo and select a sketch version like Suppresion or Graphic pen. Save to your desktop and then using a paper sketchpad and art pencil copy what you see. The transformation from photo to sketch highlights the light and dark gradient differences that enables pencil sketching to communicate a lot of content with relatively few lines. It helps the learner focus on the underlying structures and shapes without the distraction of color. Get it for kids, get it for yourself. If you've always wanted to learn how to draw, this simple to use tool will help you learn to see what to draw. Can't thank you enough for this great app.

Found helpful by 32 out of 37 people
Version 1.0
Review by Aryu Gaetu

Not a Clue - I have no idea how they were abble to obtain ANY of their examples. Outline WITH colors, impossible! The sketch efects listed on the right were mostly solid black or solid white. At best, a few had tiny wisps of line segments. 3 “sketch” effects at the bottom of the list did do something, but they were preset and unable to customize them with the effects on the left, nor alter the intensity of their effect. As such, the effects on the left did nearly nothing unless you were messing with the original “normal” image. Even then, all the effects on the left were very generic, many sliders had no effect; didn’t work. I used a variety of images (all jpegs), light, dark, color, B&W….Nothing! Here, you get everything you pay for. I’m wondering how much they paid for the 5-stars in 50+ comments. I’ve been doing consumer art since Commodre 64. Conclusion: Not one effect or combination of effects and “sketches” here is capable of creating any kind of “sketch” unless you create your art on drugs. Very useless efects found on any $15 mobile phone…. no, wait… most of the effects on those phones actually work.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by MattBianco

Why Is It Free? - I have iPhoto, I have PhotoShop. iPhoto is easy but not creative. PhotoShop is very creative but cumbersom, slow, difficult, technical. This app does so much while it is only 4MB. And I can't figure out why it is free. Easy to use, easy to share, and it does what it says.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people
Version 1.0
Review by Honoriu178

A Must Have - If you want to create special versions of your photos .. then this is the application for you .. and it's free ;)

Found helpful by 9 out of 11 people
Version 1.0
Review by UnusedUserNameNumberOneMillion

The Best Free App I've Got! - I was pleasantly surprised to see the possibilities with this free app! I have other sketch apps that I paid for that don't do half as good a job as this one. It's easy to use with instant results and the results can be just different enough to create something that the others apps I have can't. Create a pro version and I'm in!!

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.0
Review by Priya Sriragh

A must-have for photo enthusiasts! - This is one of the best sketchs' app from those I tried so far! The app has a good number of sketch variation options, and the output (i.e the sketches) look so professional & refined. A must-have app for Mac users who are avid photographers, like me! :) Thanks so much, folks, for the team who worked on this! Awesome work! Keep it up!

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.0
Review by E. N. Sampson Jr.

Better than most paid! - I have bought a lot of drawing/painting filter apps, this has to be one of the best. Unbelievable that it's FREE! Highly recommended!

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people