uMark Photo Watermarker

Developer: Uconomix Technologies Private Limited

Current Version: 5

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 6.1 MB - Download


uMark is a feature rich yet easy to use batch watermarking software. It enables you to add visible watermarks to your digital photos. Be it your company name, logo, copyright notice uMark can add all.

Key features of uMark

* Support for BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF image types
* Add text or a logo as a watermark
* Add EXIF properties as watermark
* Add image name, folder name, image size, creation or modification date as watermark
* Add multiple watermarks
* Batch processing - watermark hundreds of images at once
* Customizable font formatting options for text
* Add proportional text watermarks that resize automatically as per the size of the image
* Add semi transparent watermarks
* Place watermark at predefined or customized positions on the image
* Rotate watermark to any degree
* Tile the watermark horizontally/vertically or both
* Resize output images, generate thumbnails
* Convert output images
* Save watermark settings for later use
* See the full size preview on actual images
* Add special characters like © and ® to watermark

Don't let people steal your photos! Share your images safely on the Internet with uMark.


Release Notes:

Now you can enhance the look of your photos with a single click and that too in a batch mode. There are 12 filters to choose from and you can apply them from the Add watermark menu. Click on Add watermark, Filter and select a filter and uMark will apply that filter to all the selected photos.

Give your watermarks a pleasing look with embossed text. Embossed text unlike normal text blends in really nicely with the underlying image. Select the emboss option from the Effects drop down and make your watermark truly professional.

Image watermark enhancements
There are two new things that you can do with image watermarks. You can make any color of the image transparent. So if your logo has a white or other color background you can choose to make that color transparent and uMark will remove that part from your image.

You can also make your logo grayscale by selecting the grayscale option. It will convert a color image to a black and white image.

Selective processing
You can now process only some of the images from the images you have added in uMark. You can do so by checking the checkbox next to each image. By default the checkbox is selected, you can unselect it and uMark will not process those images in that batch. This can come in handy if you want to apply different watermarks to different images in a single batch.

Resize based on longer side
A new resize option has been added to the output options. You can not choose to resize the images based on the longer side. So if you select the longer size option and set the value to say 1000 pixels then uMark will check whether the image is portrait or landscape and set the longer side to 1000 pixels and calculate the other side based on the aspect ratio of the photo. So for portrait photo the height will be set to 1000px and for landscape photos it will be the width.

Import/Export settings
You can now import and export watermark settings from uMark. If you are getting a new computer then you can export watermark settings on your old computer and when you install uMark on your new computer you can import them. This way you won't lose your created settings and you won't have to create them all over again. If you are using uMark on both Windows and Mac then you can move the settings between them using the export/import option.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by Dorian Hawkmoon

Great watermarker for photos - Kept looking at other programs but they all seemed to have some elements missing that I needed when I read the reviews. You can download a trial version at the developer website! I had 200 images that I needed to watermark for our website. All the files were similar in size - I think sometimes people expect a batch watermark program to watermark them all the same size text or image on all photos at one time. It does, but that is why it is important that the files are similar in size (not mb) but in pixel size. If photos are small and big, etc., the watermark will look ok on the original size that you create & then save the watermark file - again, if you use that saved file on other size photos, it may not be the output that you want. Otherwise, it did it very quickly and easy - you can direct how you want it to batch name (or singly if you are doing one at a time) and what folder you want to direct the output file to. All images that you import to watermark, will show up in succession as you they are watermarked. Also, you can pretty much put your watermark anywhere and horizontal or vertical tile it, diagonally in 4 directions or adjust it by rotation. I thought this program had no flaws and worked very clean as far as I was concerned.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people