Developer: Kuchbi Inc

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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rePasta \re-paste-all\, verb;

Is a clipboard helper and copy history viewer. Keep track the last 100 items int the clipboard.

Use our easy hotkeys and a clipboard history to repaste previously copied items and browse the history of copied items.

Keep track of useful commands and code pieces as a developer or IT admin.

Copy and paste repetitive email templates for typists and support staff.

Please note that this version is targeted towards IT staff and supports plain text only (for now)....

Additional bonus features have been scheduled if we hit download targets so every download helps you with more free updates!



More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by Car critic 77

Useful Clipboard Tool - If you don't have any iTunes money to afford iCopy or Clippy, then this is the app for you. With this, you can copy as much text as you want, paste any one from your clipboard history, and clear your clipboard to get rid of unwanted copied files. Although, since it's free, it comes with some drawbacks. 1. You can only copy text files. As in, you can't copy images and put them on the clipboard. Still, you can copy and paste pictures, just one at a time as on a normal computer. 2. You can't take it off the bottom app bar, unless you want to quit the application and get rid of the clipboard button on the utility bar entirely. So, overall, it is a great way to copy text files in all of your applications, and a just love the app.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 1.0
Review by hleenii

Doesn’t have a search, not the best ui - It’s usable but lacks of polished UI and some kind of search. Generally the app is sligtly outdated

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.0
Review by RePasta Fan

Definitely a must have productivity App - I used to have JumpCut on my old laptop. Now I have Repasta. I'm very staisfied with the way it works. Being able to store a lot of previous copies allows me to go back quite a wy to find something that I wanted to use again. The price is right too.

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Version 1.0
Review by Joel Destruction

Awesome!!! - I use this for work everyday, all day, it works so well and I havent had any problems with it. Mostly just use it to recopy things from earlier in the day. Awesome product!!!

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