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Developer: cf/x

Current Version: 2.5.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Photo cropping, one of the most important tasks in image processing is becoming unnecessarily difficult. Well, it just got simple again.

At cf/x we have taken our in-house crop tool, and created a sharply focused, simple to use app out of it. With this easy to use, versatile pro-level tool you can crop your photos the way it should be: SIMPLE. QUICK. FOCUSED. FUN.

Highlights are
- drag & drop any image to crop
- preserves your original - unless you really, really want otherwise
- convenient crop presets for most paper sizes and devices
- refined aspect ratio control
- convenient rotate & align tool
- fully integrated Margin/passe partout manager
- provides optional fixed output sizes for iPad, iPod, iPhone
- has three color schemes for work on bright or dark images
- finely tuned user interface for this one task.
- many different advanced composition controls, including Rules-Of-Thirds, Fibonacci-Spiral (Golden Rule), Diagonals
- real-time read-out of dimensions and aspect ratio
- direct export to many file formats, iPhoto, Aperture, email, Preview App, social web, desktop picture
- full EXIF support
- quickly apply your current settings to multiple images

Please note that most likely you already have a tool that can crop images (for example iPhoto). Whatever you are using, this app is merely much, much better. At cropping images. Nothing else.


Release Notes:

- improved compatibility with OSX 10.10 Yosemite


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by SMS82

I wanted it to do one thing really well and it seems to do just that. - I wanted something for rapidly cropping pictures that I will be using in something else, like when blogging. I must say, the current version of Preview may do these things quite well now (and for free) but this looks useful to me for giving a lot of flexibility in options and testing out the look of what you will get when you crop. It also can do like Irfanview (that awesome, free program for PCs that no one seems to have duplicated for macs), which is to allow you to rapidly just copy and paste the current crop right out of the app and into what else you are working on. No stupid expoert import routines that take up 5 times more time to get a very simple job done. I like this program so far.

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Version 0
Review by bob_clark

Not What I Expected! - I need a good, custom, cropping app and this IS NOT it! This is the basic square cropping tool that any free app you already have has. Also, too many numbers, and sizing, and moving scales back and forth. Make a simple, custom cropping for non-photography majors!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people