oPlc Lite

Developer: Opticom Engineering B.V.

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 4 MB - Download


oPlc Lite is a low cost program that turns your Mac into a reliable Programmable Logic Controller.
There are more than 80 functional objects available.

You can use up to 2 pages, 20 objects and 2 timers (extended version also available).

● thousands of universal Modbus Input and Output devices available to connect via IP...
● use oPlc at home to control electric, heating, ventilation, cooling, access security, etc...
● control your model train track or other hobby equipment...
● use oPlc for education; learn the basic functions of a logic controller...
● contains basic HVAC components...
● use oPlc on a dedicated Mac mini for professional purposes...

There are many different objects divided into the following groups:

➤ Common - marker, register, timer, counter, time schedule, setpoint
➤ I/O - ModBus read or write coil, input and holding register
➤ Logic - digital port (N)AND, (N)OR, EXOR, flipflop, switch, BCD converter
➤ Compare - greater-, equal-, less, high and low limiter
➤ Calculate - add, subtract, divide, multiply, data conversion
➤ Controller - on/off, off/on, segmentation, PWM, P-regulator

For communication with Modbus-RTU devices an ethernet to RS485 converter is needed.


Release Notes:

● Some minor improvements and bug fixes