Developer: Michael Swan

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 2.1 MB - Download


MyIncome is a lightweight income tracking application.
Feature Highlights:
* Track income by individual income events
* Quickly find any overdue payments
* View income by income type
* View total income per income type
* View income by employer
* View income totals per employer
* Create a monthly budget
* View an overview of income by month for both gross income and estimated net income
* Users can easily see the difference between their monthly budget and each month's estimated gross income
* Export data to a CSV format file

"I created myIncome to help me keep track of how much I was earning, what my expenses were, and who owed me money," commented independent developer Michael S. Swan. "If you work for more than one employer or the number of hours you work each day varies, then this app will keep track of all your earnings and expenses in a simple, straightforward way."


Release Notes:

Fixed a bug that caused income adjustments to have no effect.