Developer: Dirk Milz

Current Version: 1.23

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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myHome enables a fast and convenient access to the browser-based display of software for building automation, e.g. Webfront by IP Symcon, ezControl or Homematic. In contrast to the webbrowser with myHome it is possible to adapt and fix the window size as well as to set up two URLs for different locations or destinations.

myHome can also be used for all other Software usually using a Webbrowser to view its content, whenever a User wants to have fixed and adjustable window sizes.

Such contents are for example webcams or various control system software. The access over two defined URLs (internal or external, home or outside, internal network or dyndns-services) assures through a simple selection a fast display of all designated contents.

-Two different URLs for selection of location / access point (e.g. home and outside)
-Adjustment and fixing of window size (assures the designated display size)
-Selection of title bar color (standard or shady/darkened black)
-Full screen view (no distracting title bars or other windows)
-Control window can be fixed in the foreground

Please note:
If myHome is used as an access-tool for the browser-based display of building automation, it requires the associated equipment i.e. software for building automation and corresponding hardware. myHome was developed on the basis of IP-Symcon-server-system and various IP-Symcon-software-versions, but it also runs with systems from other manufacturers (e.g. ezControl or Homematic). Furthermore this app needs a browser-based visualization. The images used for illustration are examples that were generated from an individually installed IP-Symcon-WebFront.
For more information about IP-Symcon see
For more information about ezControl see
For more information about homematic see


Release Notes:

Ready for OSX 10.9