Developer: movieapps gmbh

Current Version: 1.3.5

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Streamline your work with movieola

Basic version functionality
- JKL basic navigation with mouse or keyboard up to 4 x speed forward and backward incl. sound
- Audiomixer with dimmer
- Permanently visible framecounter
- Permanently visible meta data like frame/sample rate, aspect ratio ….
- Resize view in fixed steps (avoid artefacts with interlaced footage)
- View your media in a window or fullscreen

Additional functions via inApp purchase:
- Aspect ratio (automatic recognition)
- Advanced navigation, fast and slow motion
- Advanced audio mixer up to 8 tracks, solo and latch
- Timecode reader and generator - HD, SD (PAL/( NTSC DF/NDF), non SMPTE standards
- Dual screen support with timecode panel over fullscreen video
- Basic logging with marker or range based keywords and CSV/TSV log export
- Quick annotation while playing footage
- Export XML loglist to FCP7, FCPX, Premiere Pro
- Export marker for import into Avid sequences.
Markers can be modified with IN & OUT Tc and Colors

Complete packages:
- movieola pro, full functionality
- movieola play, all functions except logging
- Advanced logging, all log- and export functions incl. keywords (new)


Release Notes:

Adapted inApp prices. Reduced by almost 20%.

JKL basic navigation now up to 4 x speed forward and backward including sound.

Exported XML's were not properly generated when logging footage with 23.98 fps. Fixed √

Until the recent version it was possible that with certain movies a relative jump backwards like "-10" frames via the GoTo Panel did not execute. Fixed √


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.5
Review by Soldier of good fortune

Missed Opportunity - I am more than a little disappointed with the app. I originally paid for it to use the logging feature to make my editing a little easier. I went to use it and found that the very features it is supposed to have are in-app purchases which get out of control real quick with the price. The basic logging package is $54 at the cheapest. Without any in-app purchases it is just a movie player. VLC is free and does the same thing. If I use VLC and any text editor I can get the same functions for free. It had such potential but I recommend you keep shopping.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people