Developer: ShedWorx

Current Version: 2.1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Lightning-fast conversion of MKV videos to a variety of watchable formats.

Easily convert hour-long movies in minutes, not hours.


Release Notes:

Improved Mountain Lion support.


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Version 2.0.4
Review by Superfly151

People need to understand the point of this app - it's not a Handbrake replacement - Folks, don't download this app simply if you've got a bunch of AVI or MKV files and read "it takes minutes" and then rate one star when it takes hours. There is a very specific niche for this app. If you have an MKV file, chances are it's a blu-ray rip. You want it to play in iTunes so you can watch it through your AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, whatever. But as we all know, iTunes doesn't support MKV. If it's really a blu-ray rip, chances are the format is actually MP4 (or in iTunes parlance, M4V). What this app does is akin to peeling an onion. It removes the outer MKV layer to reveal the gooey MP4/M4V inside. That's what you need to load into iTunes. If your MKV is actually an MP4/M4V in hiding, then this app will take a couple of minutes for a 4-5GB movie. If your source is an AVI, there's a 50/50 chance it's actually a Divx in an AVI container. Divx is also MP4/M4V format. So like the previous example, AVI is just a Windows container format, so this app peels back the outer layer and reveals a perfectly iTunes-friendly MP4 you can import. HOWEVER, AVI has been around since long before MP4 and blu-ray. Therefore, there's an equally good chance that your AVI file is NOT actually Divx or any MP4-friendly format. In this case, this app will still convert it, but it's no different than using Handbrake at this point because you're actually transcoding the file, and thus, losing quality in the process. You might as well use Handbrake (free) and be more selective about your output format (I typically use the "Regular - High Profile" setting in Handbrake with default options). So that's the point. If you drag an MKV or AVI into this app and the result is "Full Conversion (slow)", that's what's happening here. Continue with this app, or quit it and go to Handbrake. But if you see "Rewrap (fastest)" then you're literally getting the exact same quality as the source, but in a format that iTunes can hapily import. For the record, if your source has subtitles or multiple audio tracks, MAKE SURE you rename the .MP4 extension this app creates with .M4V. This will allow you selectively turn on/off subs or select alternate audio tracks. iTunes does not know how to do this with file with the .MP4 extension. It drives me crazy that Apple decided on their own to re-create all these MP4 extensions, like M4V, M4A, M4B, etc. Neverhtless, rename the file with the appropriate extension and iTunes (even your AppleTV or iPhone/iPad) will understand there's more metadata inside the file that you can selectively choose from. Note to author - you should do the same. Just change your output file format to M4V since you're doing this on a Mac and loading (optionally) into iTunes anyway. Will save people a lot of headaches and bump up your ratings I'm sure. PS - the Windows equivalent of this app that's also free is called mkv2mp4 - Google it and I'm sure you'll find the download site and instructions how to get it running. For the record, having that app on Windows was the only reason I still have a Windows computer. So I'm happy I found this app.

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Version 2.0.2
Review by AMxKaOticSnIpEr

Doesn't Even Work - I Bought This Because It Said Crash Was Fixed And It Doesent Even Work!

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people