mini DDrink

Developer: StephenAllen

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 21.8 MB - Download


2.5D retro style top down horror shooter!
Shoot masses of enemies whilst attempting to survive this strange apocalypse !
Explore an Asylum, City Streets and Jungle!
Blast your way out with a hero like ending with a Swat Tank!

Was made as a University project, which was then converted and published to iOS and Android. And now converted to Mac format!

Changes from Mobile version:
Increased texture quality.
Increased sound quality.
Button, text and resolution fixes.
Added link in game to view website with my other games.
Slightly less enemies on last level (was quite hard) ;)
Added lights such as torch to make the game prettier and scarier.


Release Notes:

Button, text and resolution fixes and adjustments.
Adjusted quality settings.
Pointed sprite trees down a lil for end cutscene
Integrated Cross Platform High Scores table!
Hit by ambulance now takes health off and spawns blood
Added menu hide so instructions can be seen
Defeated enemies now give you tiny bit of health
Removed sound speech, replaced with text scenes to explain and direct.
Added a drink into agent limes hands in one cutscene
Increased icon brightness levels.