Developer: Tom Hohensee

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Want to limit your kids time on the computer? Manage your kid's computer time with kidzTimer. kidzTimer allows you easily set the length of time for your child to be on the computer. Best of all, it does not need a separate user account like OS X's built in parental controls. When the time is up, kidsTimer locks out your kids activity requiring a password to continue. Makes monitoring simple and efficient with a set and forget interface.


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Version 1.0
Review by bluedakar

This timer is expensive for what little it does. - When Apple broke Parental Controls with the 10.8.2 update to Mt. Lion I went looking for a temporary fix for the time limits. This was the only timer I found in the Mac App Store that would switch a user to the login window when the time was up. To get it to work, I had to change my kid's password so he couldn't log back on and give himself more time (with the Apple Parental Controls timer, kids can use their own password). Another frustrating thing about this app is there is no visible countdown timer. Seems like that would be a very basic and easy to add feature. Instead, it will just switch the user to the login window without warning when the time is up. You need to use a separate countdown timer if you want to keep track. Furthermore, there is no way to pause the timer. So for example, if your kid is allowed 1 hour and uses 15 minutes then logs off, you have to log back in and set the timer for 45 minutes and start the timer again. The app does what it says but it's very disappointing for 5.99. Hope Apple fixes the Parental Controls bug soon.

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Version 1.0
Review by notacomputerexpert

limited value - At first the app did not seem to run on a Mac running the current OS (10.9.4). I wrote a review to that effect. However, after I restarted the computer, it did run, but its functionality is highly limited. Accordingly, I would rate it as 2 stars.

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Version 1.0
Review by bad_broken_app

Doesn’t work - This does not work and I’m not sure how I get my money back!!!!!! Total waste of money. Gave it a 1-star only because there is no 0-star option.

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