Developer: Jury Shortki

Current Version: 1.4.8

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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This program allows you to build diagrams of processes and monitor their execution. As a rule, tasks do not exist on their own, they are usually interrelated, and the best way to show this is to build a diagram of processes.

Almost every task in the program can be drilled down to a separate diagram, until the project is broken down into elementary operations. Having constructed a detailed scheme, you can simulate the future execution of the project, what will become the basis for the planned schedule, which can be compared with the current execution of tasks without leaving the program. You can also place some tasks in the Calendar and set reminders on them.

More formally, the program allows you to build a customized, based on the BPMN notation, PERT diagram of the project (with events and processes at nodes). Then this description of the project is used to generate a Gantt chart and track the progress of the project.

So, inShort is a powerful tool to work with projects and business processes, which can be applied not only in office but also for personal purposes. You can further explore the capabilities of the program with the detailed interactive User Guide.

Here are a few cases in which this program can help you:

You have a difficult task, you do not know where to start and how to approach it.
Try to approach it with this program and you'll find out where to start and where to move.

Or conversely, you have a lot of problems: you are literally surrounded with task managers and planners, but at the same time feel that you make no headway, like a squirrel in a cage.
Draw your goals in this program, and you'll find out, which of your tasks work for your goals and which — against them.

You suspect that business processes in your organization are not optimal and you are doing a lot of unnecessary work?
Build a scheme of processes in this program, and you'll see what's what.

Need to plan a complex project?
Draw a sketch, and you won't have to constantly make the project plan over in a project manager.

You need to organize the learning process by a mass of sources in a certain order?
Build a curriculum inShort, and you won't get lost in the new material.

Key features:
• Building the diagram of processes and resources (PERT network diagram of the project, based on BPMN notation).
• Drill down the diagram elements.
• Tracking the execution of processes.
• Advanced mode of pre-planning.
• Integration with the standard Calendar.
• Displaying the list of tasks in the form of a Gantt chart.
• Separation of physical and information flows.
• Export of diagrams into PDF files and OPML outlines.
• Ability to specify the expected time of execution, both directly and parametrically.
• Working calendars taking into account various schedules of work for implementation of tasks.
• Work resources and their assignment to tasks.
• Material resources, counting the usage of resources by the diagram.
• Localization of work and resources in places.
• Queues of tasks: organize the work with active tasks in accordance with the elements of the GTD methodology.
• Control lists for diagrams — monitor the sequence of actions with the diagram step by step.

Advanced features of project management in accordance with the Theory of Constraints technique:
• finding the critical path;
• positioning of time buffers of the project;
• calculation of buffer sizes;
• calculation of late starts for feeding paths of the project;
• tracking of time indicators during project execution.

Cannot solve a problem? Draw it inShort and sort things out with it there. It's like voodoo but it works.


Release Notes:

• Alignment of selected objects of the diagram.
• Selection of objects of queues of execution by the current diagram.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.2
Review by caitlyna

PERT Charts as a Project Design Tool - I was introudced to the PERT technique as a visual planning tool for projects when I was introduced to it by “MacProject.” I went on to use MS Project, and while that did not implement the visual approach as smoothly as MacProject, It served as my main tool for developing new projects until I switched to OS/X in 2004. I have been seraching for a similar tool (Merlin and ‘Project X’ served in the absense of anything better) but PERT functionality was hard to find, and GANTT was more a tracking tool for me than a planning one. While ‘inShort’ is not initially as intuitive as my old MacProject, it is better suited for taking my project designs and incorporating them into presentations that I can share. It is also much more affordable for my needs than Merlin or OmniPlan (I’ll spare the reader a longer list of apps I have looked at). For my uses, inShort is ideal in that it provides all I need for planning medium to complex projects, makes it easy to share them, and provides for tracking project execution as well. I have a lot more to learn, but it is a bargain for my needs and I exect it to recover the productivity I lost when I no longer had access to MS Project on my Mac.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.4.7
Review by Elie Zedeck R

Don’t buy yet! - I have purchased both the macOS and iOS versions. Summary: this version is still very bad!!! - Syncing: absolutely useless disaster. iCloud syncing has been experimental for years, that author may be doesn’t work on this anymore and barely makes updates. iCloud sync is an important feature, but it’s the most overlooked by the author. If you are like me, having both versions, the experience is really bad, like disaster, period. - Stability: crashes randomly while you’re deep in the zone. - Documentation: nightmare, it’s like a Google Translate from Russian to English. Don’t buy it, it is not readable, and without a good user guide, this software is hard to use and you’ll never be able to use it fully… waste of money! - Usability: very very limited. Not file-based documents (it’s own proprietary organization). Does not sync to iOS. Bottom line: it could have been a nice program, IF it worked correctly and the iCloud syncing was working properly. Don’t buy it at this time. Wait for us to write new reviews of the newer versions. TO THE AUTHOR: We want iCloud sync to be fully supported. If you can’t, just make it possible to use plain files instead.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4.8
Review by adeluccar

Insanely Powerful App—if You Are Crazy Enough to Understand It - This app is unique. You won’t find anything like it in the App Store. Buy this if you want a more structured look into your business processes. It will serve you well if you want to build flowcharts… but you will underutilize if this is your only purpose. This is the app for the people that want to drill down on their processes down to the last resource. This is not for the people who need to print out a flowchart and call it a day. PROS 1. Beautiful diagrams. The icons and diagrams look clean. 2. Project analysis and management is a cinch if you follow the app's building method. 3. Updates continue to happen—despite the app's obscurity. CONS 1. The learning curve is high. You won't understand a thing at first —most likely forever. Going through the User Guide (built into the app's diagram style itself) is a must. Even then, understanding will be tough. 2. Your typical Apple user experience guidelines are absent. This app is quirky as hell. Things that you expect to happen... won't. For example: Command+D doesn't duplicate. These things will catch you unaware. You have to go with the flow on this one. 3. iCloud sync is buggy. All in all, this is an incredible app. If you can see past it's quirkyness and learning curve, you will find one of the most powerful apps in the App Store. And even that last part, is an understatement. Worth it if you understand it. Let me know if you do... .. I'm still working on it. Disclaimer: I didn’t gain anything by writing this review. I bought all App Store versions of the app. This app deserves more recognition.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.8
Review by Desi_Turk

Interesting Take on Project Management - First my background: Have been a PM for 18+ years now, working in the Telco and Management Consulting space globally. I rarely make impulse buys, I do a lot of research before spending a buck. I was looking for an easy to use Project Management tool, for the Mac. MS Project is probably amongst the best tools to use, however its not available on the Mac any more. InShort is a very innovative take on Project management my opinion: Reason for 4 Stars: 1. Extrement easy to use, laying out Project Phases by way of a ‘flowchart’ helps in ‘whiteboarding’ the project. Adding additional tasks is extremely simple from there. Makes for quick and effective internal project team and client meetings. Along with helping in Risk Management, Schedule Planning and Financial Management 2. A lot of thought has been put in to the documentation, thereby enabling even a novice to quickly put together a Project Plan, with effective time lines and budget calculations. Very Impressed with the quality of documentation 3. Ability to print out PDF’s of the WBS and Gantt Charts makes keeping all stakeholders on the same page very simple 4. Drill down abilities (for new tasks) are far superior to what I’ve come across in other tools Reason I took away 1 star: 1. UI is different and takes some getting used to, especially for an OS X targeted client base. Makes learning the app difficult Suggestions for Improvement: 1. I would prefer a traditional new file creation structure as opposed to the existing mechanism where potentially all projects are accessible at all times 2. Enable the ability to export reports in to Excel/Numbers/CSV files, will allow for greater enterprise integration InSort joins 1Password on my short list of innovative and must have apps for OS X Keep up the good work Update: 2/27/2017, i’ve been using inShort for almost 30 months now, You guys are still knocking it out of the park. Keep it up

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.4.8
Review by Mac 3030

Unique and Mostly Good - Very good approach to scheduling. Concept of using buffers and delayed starts to make a schedule more efficient and the ease of nesting and the use of a flow chart for diagraming and the use of information blocks for resources, conditions, and goals makes for a very efficient and intuitive schedule. I really like the check list for guiding you through the building of each diagram. So you say why 4 stars? a few problems. The documentation for the user guide diagram is very good for the first 75% then it is like the author got in a hurry or tired and the quality and ease of understanding goes down hill ( also many of the comand descriptions do not match the Mac version). The user manual is poorlly written. The developer would do well to pay a good writer a couple thousand dollars to rewrite this. The user forum registration has a field that has no description or directions and signing up was buggy. You set the parameters to use minutes as a default time and the app keeps defaulting to days. Great concept but because the lack of attention to details it is difficult to take advantage of. Could be much better.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.4.8
Review by 555Risa

Love the visual building - I love how the projects can be built from a visual vs. linear perspective and then viewed either way. There is also an analysis function that seems very helpful. The inbuilt tutorial is helpful, but I think would be more helpful if edited by someone not familiar with the program. I gained a lot, but was also a bit confused with parts that assumed I knew more than was possible without knowing the program or how they labeled certain parts of the program. All tolled, I’m looking forward to using it! It’s obvious that the creators made this program to be helpful, thorough and useful, versus just to make money.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.4.8
Review by jakers19

Amazing App for Developing Any Kind of Process - BLUF: This app is a great app for planning out your projects and visualizing them in a procedural way. As a kid, I used to always love going to office supply stores because they had all of these weird tools. Though I didn’t always know what they were for, part of the draw for me was to figure out what I could actully do or make with them. This app is like that. You make need to sketch out a project that isn’t the most linear process, and this app helps with that. At my work, I often have to create processes and then be able to recap so that others can follow the process. Flow charts are okay, but inShort has more depth and interactivity and the ability to attach times/dates. I love OmniFocus. I love Evernote. They have both helped me be more productive - but inShort is a visual tool that is an essential addition to my toolkit. You may need to go through the embedded tutorial more than once, but how cool is it that there is an in-depth interactive tutorial in the firt place?!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people