iWall-Wallpaper Engine

Developer: jh zhang

Current Version: 1.3.0

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Download Size: 184.7 MB - Download


iWall can use any of the beautiful video format (mov, mp4, mkv, rmvb, mp33gp, rm, xvid, mpg, avi, wmv) without conversion, animation, flash, website, web page as your dynamic wallpaper, dynamic desktop , Screensaver. Browse the web directly on the desktop, view web pages, watch videos, and animation. Put your equipment dress up with a beautiful personality, so that your desktop move up, impressive. HD display, full of sunshine and beautiful and healthy. Software features, easy to use, from the open software to any replacement video source or function options are only one step, the rest is all intelligent automation, is so simple and crude. Small size, do not take up resources, smooth and stable operation. Play a variety of, waiting for you to find. Hope this software will bring you happiness every day! If you feel good, you can actively share and comment! Thank you.

iWall using a simple description:

Click on the iWall in the upper left corner, click the iWall icon in the upper right corner of the status bar. Right click on the Dock bar. The iWall icon will pop up the pop-up menu bar. After selecting the Preferences menu, the function box will pop up. If you want to select a local video file, you can click on the Select Video File button to select your local video source. Click the Select Html File button to select your local webpage and click the Use Url button (just enter any URL).

If you want to switch between the interactive and lock screen, just click on the top left corner of the iwall or right click on the Dock bar iWall icon click on the hidden desktop icon (Hide Desktop Icon) interactive. Click the Show Desktop icon to lock the screen (not interactive), between the two can be free to switch.

The bottom of the Video Mute is a mute button, check the video after the sound will be turned off. Video Mute The following is the volume drag bar, you can adjust the video volume size.

Automatically start at login is the boot from the boot option.

Click on the top left corner of the iwall Click File Open Recent to quickly select the video source you like or use. Iwall is like this simple, simple to get rid of everyone's jaw! :)


Release Notes:

If you have installed, used the problem or have good suggestions can give me feedback, I will immediately fix the increase and release the latest version. Contact E-mail: [email protected]
IWall use method is very simple, specifically look at the details of the content. If you are browsing some of the video site if you encounter video can not play properly, you can switch the next resolution on it.
This update adds the following new features:
1. Desktop icon display intelligent, now the default display desktop icon, if you want to interact can also manually switch, click the upper left corner or right click on the Dock bar iwall large icon to select the desktop icon (Show Desktop Icon) and hide the desktop icon (Hide Desktop Icon ) Can be arbitrarily switched.
2. The user needs to increase the volume adjustment drag bar, mute (video mute) The following is the volume adjustment drag bar, drag can adjust the volume size alone.
3. Join the history of the record, you can quickly switch your favorite video source, the top left corner of the iwall click File to open the recent (Open Recent) can.
4. Fixed a small problem with the user's note that the notebook was closed in the open iwall.
First experience and early adopters!
Hope iwall in the majority of enthusiastic users under the support of more and more perfect, so that everyone likes and satisfaction, to bring more people happy. Only know more people, I achieve a little desire to be easier, filial piety the world, thanksgiving society! Iara wish everyone happy every day. Feel good, please remember to share and comment. Refuel iunes for me. Thank you!

Expect iwall the next function update, you will be more and more pleasantly surprised!