iWall-Wallpaper Engine

Developer: jh zhang

Current Version: 1.5.0

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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iWall is a beautiful video that can be used in any format (no conversion), audio (visualization), picture, animation, flash, gif, swf, program, webpage, website as your dynamic wallpaper, dynamic desktop Interaction. Please note: this is the only interactive wallpapers that can be interacted. Browse the web directly on the desktop, view web pages, pictures, watch videos, audio (visualization) and animation. In addition to clear and smooth playback 720p, 1080p HD, ultra-high-definition video outside. It is perfect to support any format audio and video files. Iwall is not just a powerful dynamic wallpaper engine is your powerful desktop player, browser, multi-tasking window. You can use the entertainment at the same time for you to add a powerful desktop to work and study have a strong help, the system performance to the limit. Software features, easy to use, small size, do not take up resources, smooth and stable operation. Let your desktop forever change, unique, full of dynamic and stylish, impressive. Moving in a static, static in the move, would like to move on the move, would like to quiet on the static, arbitrary switch. Fun! Play a variety of, waiting for you to find. If you feel good, can be actively given to share and comment! Thank you.

IWall use help:

Click on the upper left corner of the iWall, right click on the Dock bar iWall large icon will pop up the settings menu bar, click Preferences (Preferences) will pop up after the function box, the function box on the top of the two rows of icons is attached to the video source, If you want to select the local video, audio (visualization), picture file, you can click the following video (Select Video File) button to select your local video, audio, picture source. Click the Select Html File button to select your local webpage and click the Use Url button (just enter any URL).

Please note that iwall is the only software that can be switched on the desktop.

If you want to switch between the interaction and the lock screen, just click the iwall icon on the top left corner iwall or right click on the Dock bar and click the Hide Desktop icon. Click on the desktop icon (Show Desktop Icon) lock screen (non-interactive), between the two can be free to switch.

The bottom of the Video Mute is a mute button, check the video after the sound will be turned off. Video Mute The following is the volume drag bar, you can adjust the video volume size.

Automatically start at login is the boot from the boot option.

Click on the top left corner of the iwall Click File to open the recent (Open Recent) to quickly select the video source you like or use.

In the upper left corner of the iwall click File Select (Open Video File For Screen 2 and 3) for the second screen and third screen to expand the video source replacement.

Iwall use is that simple, simple to get rid of everyone's jaw! :)


Release Notes:

iWall Announcement: This update is more important because there is a very fun and interesting feature audio visualization and youtube online settings wallpaper introduction, please read the updated content carefully. Due to the rigorous audit mechanism, iwall had to upgrade from support of 10.9 to support 10.11, but in 10.11 low version of the installation will be wrong, for the user's interests, for the first time users can feel the joy of iwall. Can only once again raised the level to support 10.12. If you need to get iwall update, it is convenient to upgrade the system to 10.12, and it is not the problem that I can control. If you need to get the iwall update, you will not be able to update the iwall. Please apologize for the inconvenience. Feedback Contact E-mail: [email protected]

This update adds the following new features:

1. Audio visualization, and now the user on the system can experience the fun of audio visualization, the use is still very simple, as long as the choice of video click on the video button (Select Video File) selected audio files can automatically display audio visualization, You like the music when the wallpaper, quickly experience it. Please note that the visualization function is iwall comes with, if you need more visual effects as long as you can download the visualization of the video source.
Audio visualization wallpaper source brief introduction, audio visualization wallpaper source is divided into three categories, one is made with specialized software video, visualization also mainly refers to this type, the effect is cool, but the music changes need special software, like the study You can pondering their own, if you need to find such a resource, as long as the search video visual video keywords on it, the use of very simple. One is a web resource, this kind of iwall comes with the function can already replace, do not need to specifically find. There is a music visualization of the site, directly open the site you can choose their own music to play on it. Music and graphics are very rich choice, this is the URL link: https://www.apexvj.com/ stick bar da. Hurry to experience it!

2. Optimize the use of the site, now youtube can be used to set the perfect online wallpaper, as long as youtube you find the link to the beautiful video link to paste (Use Url) on it, when opened in the right mouse button list to select the cycle Play, and then lock the screen to set the wallpaper online. Really sticks!

3. The use of the site has been optimized, and now you can fully display the contents of the site, support short URL input.

4. Optimized in the hidden menu bar can automatically switch the perfect display wallpaper source.

If you are browsing some of the video site if you encounter video can not play properly, you can switch the next resolution on it.

Quickly take the lead and experience it!
Hope iwall in the majority of enthusiastic users under the support of more and more perfect, so that everyone likes and satisfaction, to bring more people happy. Only know more people, I achieve a little desire to be easier, filial piety the world, thanksgiving society! Iara wish everyone happy every day. Feel good, please remember to share and comment. Dazzle your desktop! Refuel iunes for me. Thank you!
Expect iwall the next function update, you will be more and more pleasantly surprised!


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Version 1.5.0
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Version 1.5.0
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