iWall-Wallpaper Engine

Developer: jh zhang

Current Version: 1.9.0

Last Updated: 21 days ago

Download Size: 45.6 MB - Download


iWall is a very popular video that can be used in any format (no conversion), audio (visualization), pictures, gif, applets, web pages, web sites, url as your dynamic wallpaper, dynamic desktop software , And can interact. Please note: this is the only interactive wallpapers that can be interacted. Software features, easy to use, small size, do not take up resources, smooth and stable operation. Let your desktop forever change, unique, full of dynamic and stylish, impressive. Moving in a static, static in the move, would like to move on the move, would like to quiet on the static, always lead the trend. Any switch, fun! If you feel good, can be actively given to share and comment! This can do better, thanks.

iWall simple use help:

Click on the top left corner of the iWall, click the upper right corner of the status bar iWall small icon, right click on the Dock bar iWall large icon will pop up the settings menu bar, click Preferences (Preferences) will pop up the function box. Function Options Box Three Button Functions:
Video button (Select Video File) any switch video, audio (visualization), pictures, gif.
Web page button (Select Html File) any switch applet, web page.
Use the Url button as long as you can enter any website, URL, url.

If you want to switch between the interactive and lock screen, just click on the top left corner iwall, click the iWall icon in the upper right corner of the status bar or right click on the iWall icon on the Dock bar. Click the Hide Desktop icon. Click on the desktop icon (Show Desktop Icon) lock screen (non-interactive), between the two can be free to switch.

Video Mute Mute button, check mute. Video Mute the following volume adjustment, adjust the volume size.

Automatically start at login is the boot from the boot option.

Show Dock Icon Show hidden Dock bar iWall big icon free to switch.

Click on the top left corner of the iwall Click File to open the recent (Open Recent) you can quickly select the wallpaper you like or used, clear menu clear the history.

In the upper left corner of the iwall click File Select (Open Video File For Screen 2 and 3) for the second screen and the third screen to expand the video source replacement.

iwall use is that simple, simple to get rid of everyone's jaw! :)


Release Notes:

Feedback Contact Email: [email protected], 24-hour quick reply! This version is based on the most perfect image for everyone to bring happiness, I sincerely hope that we can pro-positive comments, a lot to share, and actively recommended. The software is well worth it for you, it will bring you unprecedented happiness, not just cool, it is very practical. And every time you download and comment, share, and proactively recommend everyone is better at supporting it and building the community for the future. thank you very much! Please read the update carefully.

This update adds fixes the following new features:

1. (The most important feature, most of the most significant features worthy of the name of everyone, running call sign) to play games or run large software, other software full screen, automatically pause the video, back to the desktop, automatically play. (System only, only this one, no semicolon)
2. (The most important feature, most of the most significant features worth noting, running letters), playing games or running large-scale software, other software full-screen, not only using video, resources in the use of web pages will automatically release resources (Completely original, unique, all systems only, only this one, no semicolon), back to the desktop, automatically load web resources. These two functions are completely so that we can ignore the impact of resources and energy consumption (whether you are a laptop plug or unplug), so that we normalize the use of dynamic wallpaper dynamic desktop, running forward to lead the system user to advance into the dynamic new era of the desktop , Fully demonstrate the system's beautiful fashion, performance and your personal taste.
3. Thoroughly solved any previous use of the problem and so on.
4. New perfect quick lock screen function. (This feature is a new feature of the system, highly recommended)
5. arbitrarily change the setting resolution are normal display.
6. Hide the status bar, are full-screen display.
7. Fixed the use of web resources after class video playback will be a problem BUG, ​​the perfect use of various types of resources are free to switch are normal display.
8. Fixed BUG after switching to local video, web site with sound after using video site.
9. Fixed the bug that switches resources before resource and current resource are running at the same time.
10. switch web resources, do not close the function panel can also be displayed.
11. Added the automatic detection of desktop icon display function, hide the desktop icon, close other applications will appear desktop icon, this feature is automatically detected, and then hidden.
12. Three-finger touch does not appear the original wallpaper.
13. Fixed double finger double mouse mode will cause the original static wallpaper appears.
14. Insert the wireless headset, the wallpaper will not stop when you unplug it.
15. Fixed a problem that conflicts with some plug-ins.
Perfect support for expansion.
(1) Fixed bugs that some user extensions could not save while using extensions.
(2) Extension Hide the status bar up and down, the expansion is full-screen display.
(3) Expansion Change resolution is normal display.
(4) into other devices, no matter what resolution, are normal display.
17. menu bar icon perfectly fit the system style.

Come and experience the first fast!
Look forward to the next iWall feature updates, you will be more and more surprises!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.7.0
Review by kiisuuke

Exactly What I Was Looking For - Was looking for a working OSX alternative of Wallpaper Engine and happened to find this. It’s exactly what I was looking for so I don’t mind the small price. There are only a few default wallpapers, but they are nice wallpapers of high quality. You can certainly customize it with your own background as well. It is also fairly light on the CPU compared to other programs, using only about 2-4% whereas I’ve seen others use 7-15%. Overall a nice, simple program with HQ animated and interactive backgrounds with plenty of customization options.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.4.3
Review by Planedargon996949

WHY!!! - There really ait many wallpaper and it’s pretty confusing

Found helpful by 1 out of 7 people