iVinci Express

Developer: Phyar Studio

Current Version: 4.6

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 6.5 MB - Download


iVinci is a new starting point in vector design industry.
It's just incredibly easy, and incredibly fast, for both beginners and experts.
You can watch the amazing videos on our web site.

Notable features:
-Use SVG as native file format. You can use files created by iVinci directly in may other Apps.
-Powerful Bezier path edit system.
-Directly gradient editor embedded on the objects, differently and much easier compare from what you have ever used.
-Easy to use style controller.
-Navigate the document like viewing a map. (Mouse wheel to zoom, Right Mouse button drag to move)
-Completely Retina display support.
-OpenGL hardware rendering support, incredibly fast.

Other features:
-Path boolean operation.
-Pen and Pencil tool.
-Basic shapes.
-Text. Convert text to path.
-Gradient for both stroke and fill.
-Dashs and arrows.
-Grid, snap to grid.
-Shadow effect.
-Image filling in paths.
-Make compound paths.
-Make mirror objects.
-Layers control, and you are allowed to select multiple layers.
-Object sequence control.
...And much more!

Important Tips:
-Use mouse wheel or Pinch on trackpad to zoom in/out.
-Right mouse drag or slide with two fingers on trackpad to move the canvas, aka. Hand Tool.
-Double Click to switch from object drawer to object selector.
-Double Click on any object to switch between object selector and point selector.
-Press and hold "alt" key to move the tangent point individually. If the curve is not smooth at the point, you do not have to press "alt" key.
-Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple objects with object selector.
-Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple points with point selector.
-Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple layers.
-To add new control point on the path, select object with point selector, right button click on the position you want to place the new point, select "Add Point" menu item.
-To make the path smooth or sharp at any control point, select point with point selector, and then right button click to see options.
-To make one cuver be straight line, simply remove the tangent point.
-To modify gradient, select object with object selector, click gradient type for stroke or fill(even if it is already selected), or right button click on the object and use corresponding menu items.
-While editing gradient, both the position of gradient line and position of gradient color is movable.
-To change gradient color, select any color item in gradient first, then select color in the color panel.
-Use arrow keys to move the selected objects.
-Drop image files to iVinci window to import images, Drop SVG files to iVinci window to open it.


Release Notes:

-Enable drag on color wheel.
-Layer name edit.
-Copy the shapes as PNG to be able to paste in other Apps. (Full version only)
-Bugs fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.5
Review by rcrooks

a great lightweight graphics editor - First I'd like to correct some misinformation from other reviews. I don't know about Lion, as I don't have that running anywhere any more, but this app launches fine on Mountain Lion, and it's a pleasure to use -- very intuitive, very fast. There's not a lot of advanced features, but fine for simple jobs, and there's a more full-featured version elsewhere on the Store if you need that. I love the fact that it uses SVG as its native format -- not SVG in particular, but the fact that it's an open standard. I dislike proprietary graphics formats, because they've caused me more than a few headaches when a product was killed or when I simply decided to move to a new tool. It's reassuring to know that you will still be able to open all of your files even if you no longer have the editor. Nicely done app on the whole -- using it for a couple of days easily convinced me to upgrade to the full version.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 4.0
Review by Ricochet005

Why don't you answer emails? - I have emailed you and you don't reply. Meantime you came out with an update. No fix with what I mention in the email. You say you can export your files in different formats other than SVG. Not even true one bit. There is no way to do that. And your website has horrible customer support since there are no instructions on finding the features that you list. Certainly, the feature that saves or exports your SVG creations into a PNG, or JPEG or anything…are no where to be found. It basically makes this a waste because online converters don't work well. If no reply is sent to me regarding this I will simply delete and blog a review of this app. It's too bad you "forgot" to add an important feature that you list. If that is reserved for the paying version then that's too bad. It makes this app worthless and only the paid version a true working app. Answer your emails please. I don't like to give poor reviews. Surely developers tell customers to use their email for support but a lot of times developers ignore the emails and we end up submitting poor reviews.

Found helpful by 16 out of 20 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.6
Review by D'zigner Jazz

Pretty Decent For Free - I’m a graphic designer. I use Adobe’s pro apps, so that’s my standard. I check out software so I can reccomend it to my non-designer friends for occasional use. This is a pretty decent app for creating simple vector graphics. It has a limited, but adequate toolset--basic shapes, direct select/node, select/move, pen and pencil, gradient, decent text, layers and only CMYK and HSB colorspace; it has skew function nodes on text boxes and shapes and you get “boolean” options—shapes that use shapes to create new shapes. I managed to create a rather complex thing, for this level of app/tools. I made a lantern with a gradient, so it looked like it was lit, it was decent and I was able to put it in another project. I’ve also designed a couple of simple logos. Because this app saves/exports as .SVG, if you have a more advanced app like Graphic/iDraw, you can open and expand/build on your work. It’s not a replacement for Illustrator or Graphic/iDraw, but it’s not meant to be. It’s good for what it is—Free, Basic and Easy to use. I’d suggest it to my friends who aren’t designers, but may need to create some simple objects to put in a Keynote, Pages or Numbers document and don’t need/can’t afford a designer; they have more time than money. Or for someone with no experience who just wants to check out using a vector image creation app. I don’t think you could make that car shown above, but maybe a version of the cat. I even gave a photo a shape using the boolean function, Intersect. There are tutorials on YouTube. To get an image of your work that can be placed in a document like Pages or Keynote, open Apple’s Grab app; Capture > Selection and drag a box around your work. This will create a .tiff photo file that you can use or if you need a .png without a background you can drop it into Apple’s Preview, remove the background with the Alpha tool and exports/save as a .png. You can also use Preview to export/save as a .jpg file.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 4.6
Review by HealingOintment

Express means crippled - The express moniker means you could spend time working on a project but you can’t export or use it. I tried vectorizing a bitmap and found the app wouldn’t let me do anything with it. Upon attempting to save my work, it gave a long list of what I cannot do with this program so I promptly deleted the app and posted this review. Telling me about reduced functionality would have been better at any other point in the workflow, instead of at the end when I tried saving.

Found helpful by 50 out of 51 people
Version 4.6
Review by AngelxAces

I too am a professional designer... - And I really want my turn in the ring with this. New computer, waiting on my adobe suite among other things. I just wanted to resize a vector and I thought I’d see what’s in the app store instead of installing a previous version of photoshop for 1 image. The fist thing this thing manages to do is load the graphic incorrectly. I’ve got letters missing and graphic componants where they shouldn’t be. So ya, I’d recommend this. It would be an excellent way to tell someone I didn’t like them.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people