iText Express

Developer: LIGHT,WAY.

Current Version: 3.4.7

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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iText Express is a cute, intuitive, and refined text editor with simple word processing completely rewritten in Cocoa. iText Express provides the simplest way to make gorgeous manuscripts on your Mac!

iText Express has lots of functional and attractive features it shares with word processor, besides giving good vibes by fully complying with Mac OS X. iText Express blends seamlessly into the OS X environment, and will continue to grow with the power of Mac OS X.

iText Express follows the original simplicity of Macs, and perfectly covers every feature of TextEdit basics and Microsoft(R) Word compatibility as well.

iText Express even supports still more lovely features including header/footer, footnotes/endnotes, page layout and numbers, multiple columns, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and vertical writing, yet is so much easier to use.

iText Express will definitely make your writing a pleasure. Remarkable for anyone who expects a reliable simple word processor for Mac OS X. Feel iText Express yourself freely. It is free, you have nothing to lose!

* What is Special in 'iText Express'?

Both you and us share the same priority, that is to make your writing simple.
iText Express has just those helpful features to make you happy. iText Express must be what you have been waiting for. It is just right - yummy!

iText Express fully includes the TextEdit basics and has Microsoft(R) Word compatibility too, as it runs under the architecture of Mac OS X NSTextView. It allows you to read and write various documents including RTF, RTFD, TEXT/DOC/HTML, Unicode, plain text, and LightWayText/iText format files. iText Express also allows you to read .epub public domain eBooks. Perfect for any language, and with a spell checker.

Besides the TextEdit basics, shown below are many ways to make your documents feature-rich easily.

* iText Express features flexibility in an elegant, intuitive interface.

Make your writing stylish! iText Express allows you to easily put your own special personality on your documents.

Besides the flexible style selections, iText Express allows to set paragraph indent, margins, alignment, line spacings, lists, bullets, tables, hyperlinks, multiple columns, guidelines, background color, and page layout. You can embed pictures, movies, and other files (e.g. other text files, spreadsheets, or PDF files) or entire applications within a document too. iText Express also supports header/footer, footnotes/endnotes, bookmarks, and vertical writing. Character counting and page numbering are provided. iText Express even includes one more nice potential; Using OgreKit with iText Express enhances the find features with the regular expression.


Release Notes:

Fixed bugs and improved stability.

See "Restrictions of Mac App Store versions" < Help menu in iText Express.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.4.1
Review by ernH

The Best App for the Novel Writer - I've used this app since sine '08. I've written two novels on it, the latest of which will published next month. The app is very good for writing novels and other very long works because it's stable (I've never had a crash), very fast, never lags even with big files on a minimal mac, and it has a very good bookmark system to keep track of chapter titles and scenes, so you never get lost. Another plus is that you can change the color of the insertion point and have it ride on a horizontal line under the current line you are working on. One problem I have with Pages and Word is the tiny insertion point. I'm constalntly experimenting (Scrivener, Storyist, Bean, Storymill, Nisus, Mariner Write, along with Pages and Word), and iText Express and it's Pro version are the best of the bunch. I also like the company's other word processor, LightwayText.

Found helpful by 17 out of 20 people
Version 3.4.3
Review by Robert9001

Does not work properly in Lion … toolbar is a mess now - Was a good prograsm but Lion broke this one. The toolbar can not be set properly as to size and text displayed. The background selection covers the close min max buttons. If you set it to large icons with text it seems to display, but thats only at the start. Open a file and you are back to the same problem. One star only as this program is no longer usable under Lion. Fix this and I will change my rating. Robert9001 Robert9001

Found helpful by 1 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.4.7
Review by Igoncat

APPLE SECURITY PREFS KEEP IT FROM OPENING! - First, iText is a really GREAT work processor! Very simple to use, well-designed & it does everything I need, including columns. But unfortunately Apple Security Preferences won’t let me open saved iTextdocuments. Every time I try to open a saved iText document I get an error message saying it’s from an unidentified developer EVEN THOUGH I GOT IT ON THE APP STORE! Which makes it all but unusable. This is so typical of the App Store to sell apps that just don't work very well. I don’t know why I bother to come here anymore...

Found helpful by 3 out of 5 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by mmaugle

Great RTF editor - I am having trouble with El Captian regognizing this as a idendified developer. When I click on a *.rtf file i the the following error message, " can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. When i go to the application folder it opens with out any wining. This extra step seem to be related to the new release of El Captian and an Apple problem. Anyone else having this issue? Itext Express Version 3.4.7 (347) El Captian 10.11.2, iMac, 27” Late 2009.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by bastion1776

great replacement for apple's no longer available textedit - please note, my caps shift key finger is working intermittently. i have sent in a problem report, but have not received a reply. therefor, most of this eval is lower case. sorry, but “just the facts!" itext express does everything that apple’s no longer available textedit does. a simple four word evaluation is “it works besting textedit!” also let me add a three word incentive “IT IS FREE!” here are four more words “try it, you’ll like it!” OOPS, make that five words. i was counting on my toes, and lost count! well, text express is worth more than a four word, three word, five word evaluation. however, what more can be said about an application than it works, it is effective, it is a feature rich, it is easy to learn, it’s user interface is intuitive, it is enjoyable to use, it will wash your car, put money into your bank account, and give you everything free for life. OOPS, i think i went a bit far and stretched what text expresss will do for you! sorry, there are a lot of keys on my keyboard, and i like words. forget everything in my above eval after “enjoyable to use” and upto the end of that endless sentence. HOWEVER, my eval is serious but for the obvious ridiculous claims. Thank you Michiaki Yamashita San for a great app! tim b

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by some random muggle

I have had a problem - First off, I would like to say a few things about this word processor. I do like all of the different fonts and sizes, but I have a concern that is a big problem for me…. I can’t seem to find out how to open a document form my flash drive!!! I’m sure there s probably a way, but I don’t have time to go deep into the web to find out how to do it (sounds lazy but still, some people relate to me—) I would love it if you take my recomendation into mind when I say that the “open file” option should be more visible. Please and thank you so much!!!

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Version 3.4.7
Review by LifeInLoFi

Easily does what you wish TextEdit would do - Has many more features than TextEdit. I downloaded it just for the custom headers and footers. iText Express makes it easy to add one or the other and to change the font, size, and style of header and footer text. Also easily sets all four margins. Fast, easy, and very good documentation. =M=

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