iTeleport: VNC & RDP

Developer: iTeleport Inc.

Current Version: 6.1.8

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Access other computers from your Mac.

iTeleport is the most fully featured, easy to use and robust remote desk top app that supports Mac, Windows PC, Linux and all VNC servers from your home, office or anywhere in the world

+ Enjoy blazing fast connections to your Mac (OS X 10.7+) with our most recent update!
+ iTeleport gives you full control of your computer's mouse, touchpad and keyboard, and provides a rich visual display of your computer screens, without any screen resolution limit. All communication is encrypted when using iTeleport Connect on your remote computer
+ Connect to 1, 5 or 20 computers – iTeleport gives you UNLIMITED access
+ Easy Mac, Windows PC and Linux set up for VNC
+ 24/7 Customer Support

User reviews:
"The best remote desktop access app I've used." *****
"I maintain a dozen computers belonging to family and friends with this app and it works great*****
"I've used most of the remote control apps on IOS, and iTeleport is always the one I keep coming back to" *****

* Control any application on your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere in the world
* Optionally use the free iTeleport Connect app to automatically configure your remote computer (download from
* Use multi-touch gestures to zoom, pan, and scroll
* Access the files on your computer from anywhere
* If you're a parent, watch over your child's online behavior to make sure they're safe
* Help your friends, family or customers by providing remote computer support
* Supports Mac (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Vine Server) and all Windows editions (with free VNC servers: TightVNC, UltraVNC, and RealVNC). Also supports Linux VNCServer and Vino, as well as AMX Touchscreen Interfaces.
* Supports multiple monitors on Windows and Mac (including Lion) with Mac authentication
* Wake-on-LAN support allows you to wake computers from sleep under some conditions. For details, see
* SSH Encryption support for all platforms. For details, visit

You can even use iTeleport when you don't have an Internet connection, and want to control another local computer over WiFi.

iTeleport now and get connected!
Visit for setup instructions and usage tips. 

If you experience ANY problem with the app, PLEASE contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you to resolve the issue and will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks! We TRULY appreciate your support. 
The iTeleport Team


Release Notes:

- Significant performance improvements for VNC connections to Mac OS X 10.7+.
- Performance and stability improvements for RDP connections
- Minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 6.0.0
Review by Obis11

greatest vnc client ever made, tainted with gmail - I have to say iTeleport for iPad has significantly made my life easier for quite some time now. The main feature that has done this for me is the superb scrolling. iTeleport might be using some crazy voodoo that seems to lessen latency, or at least it seems, and it's like night and day to someone like me who uses vnc constantly. Basically all vnc clients (accept for one or two in Linux) have horribly choppy scrolling which makes many many functions almost unusable. Especially when you are using creative apps like photoshop (gimp and inkscape in my case), or music apps like ableton or renoise… lag and choppiness makes vnc almost useless in those cases. Lag and choppiness is not an issue for me when using iTeleport. The connection settings are the same in other vnc apps vs iTeleport and iTeleport always runs smoother. Also browsing webpages with other vnc clients is horrible. A simple 2 finger swipe down or mouse scroll might leave you almost anywhere in the page. This problem also does not happen with iTeleport. I do have one major issue though with iTeleport, and that is integrating gmail accounts with iTeleportConnect. Honestly it has been one of the main things holding me back from buying iTeleport apart from the price in the past. I might be one of the few out there that does not want gmail all over my data, but I really really don't want to associate gmail with anything other than my email. I would much rather use my private servers email for this function. I might be wearing a tin foil hat, but I wont use this feature with gmail exclusively as my only connection/data transfer option. Also, I only really connect to linux servers. I would very much appreciate these added features that have been made available to windows and mac hosts, available to my linux servers. But again if these added features are tied into a specific email provider (gmail), its useless. What about dropbox or box? There are more than a few other ways to move this data between devices. Give me other options and I might be for likely to use them. Just a thought. Also google is not bulletproof, it seems like a bad idea to only use google. If google has issues then iTeleportConnect could be unusable… at least have a fallback service option. If I didnt love how well iTeleport handled as a general vnc client, I might loose 2 stars for this expensive problem. I would like to see terminal functions in the future added to iTeleport, in similar ways available with "remote desktop - vnc" or most other free vnc clients. As far as having a solid reliable and smooth vnc app, iTeleport is the app I always use on my iPad and now my mac. I have used more than a few paid and free vnc apps and iTeleport is the best. Thanks for having mostly awesome updates.

Found helpful by 18 out of 22 people
Version 6.1.0
Review by VictorQ

Does not support multiple monitors - I paid $9.99 for this app because it says it supports multiple monitors. It does not.

Found helpful by 7 out of 14 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.1.8
Review by jcarman123

This hurts me to say…. - I was 100% convinced “it was me”. But after giving “it” some time I have concluded that iTeleport is “JUST NOT THAT INTO ME.” Breaks my heart, but what was once THE GO TO connecting port to my computer(s) is now PAINFUL to even launch. I have been a lonnnnnnnng time user of Jaduu aka iTeleport and was a larger supporter to anyone and everyone who’d ask for my two cents or who would simply litsten to me boast. I can’t put my finger on WTH has gone wrong, because quite frankly, no one seems to care. The NEW update has KILLED any and all functionality IMHO that set this app apart from tanything that was/is out there for VNC & RDP Remote Desk Top use. I still have HOPE….but then again, that doesn’t get the job done.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 6.1.8
Review by Nonlinearmind

Worked well in the beginning, now slow, buggy, crashes - My original review is below. Since then, iTeleport, and iTeleport connect, no longer login properly. Even after a complete system restore, and system and app updates. I can’t get them working like they once did. Nothing else on my system has problems except these 2 apps. I have used and loved iTeleport on the iphone/ipad for years, and I purchased this desktop app based on my pleasant experience with the mobile apps. I was fooled. There's nothing unique here. I'd say the ONLY it has going for it is the universal google login to bypass firewalls, which is nice, but hardly worth $50. I'd give the app 4 stars if it were $10. I'm giving it 2 based on what you get for the price.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 6.1.8
Review by 1984 Mac user

Sloooooow performance - I love iTeleport especially the one on iPhone/iPad. It is just great. However, Mac version is just a shame. Huge performance issue and I'm glad we have speedy OS X built-in Screen Sharing or iMessage (Google Talk needed) Screen Share. Please, fix/improve the performance. All my Macs are running latest OS X.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 6.1.8
Review by BitingChaos

Ugh. Really? - I've been using iTeleport on iOS since 2010. With the removal of iTap (RDP) and Apple's apparent lack of support for their Remote Desktop product on Yosemite and newer, I decided to try a different OS X client for RDP & VNC. The interface is strangely nothing like the iOS version (Apple Remote Desktop on OS X looks more like iTeleport on iOS than iTeleport on OS X does). The iOS version of iTeleport has a list of servers, which allows for long, descriptive names. Have a lot of servers listed? The list scrolls up and down, vertically, and is easy to use. The OS X version of iTeleport has a weird horizontal-scrolling list of giant icons. Long server names are wrapped and look bad. Scolling can be combersome with the trackpad (you must click the slider and drag it in order to quickly see servers). Since the interface focuses on big icons instead of server names, it can be difficult to pick the correct server our of a big list. No, I don't need to see the same Desktop picture over and over and over, I want to see the server names! The iOS version of iTeleport also has a way to easily Export and Import server lists. This makes it easy when moving from one device to another, as you can bring your list of servers with you. The OS X version of iTeleport has no such functionality. The OS X version of iTeleport has already frozen up on me, several times. When it freezes in the middle of connecting to another OS X system, that remote system is left in a state of limbo that prevents other users from connecting to it. This is a BAD thing.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 6.1.8
Review by Jimdaleskeet

a slow and barely useable exercise in frusturation - Barely works, won’t connect usually, when it does it stops responding after a few minutes. Wrote emails to support. They said it's Escalated to development. What’s customer support? Once they got your money why should they care?

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people