Developer: SUN ZHI FENG

Current Version: 1.14.1212

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 57.2 MB - Download


Sometimes we run into so of demand, needs to be sorted out PDF file or edit PDF files, including, the PDF page, the original chapters, rearrange bookmarks, however, a manual finishing up a bookmark is a very time consuming, so now have iTGBLa to help you.
The iTGBLa app, it splits a PDF-file by bookmarks into separated PDF’s.
The bookmark is used as title for the newly created PDF.


1.Split a PDF into multiple PDF files based on the available bookmarks.
2.Easy to splits. only use the splite button
3.Support custom the output dir
4.Show splite detail information. help you to known what happened.
5.Perfect support Mac OS X. 10.7 -- 10.9.3 Operating system.


Release Notes:

●Enhance stability
●Core Module Upgrade
●Bug fixes