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Developer: iStudio Software Limited

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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***** As featured by Apple in “Apps for Designers” *****

Desktop Publishing for Mac. A powerful, intuitive page layout application, perfect for anything you want to design and print.

iStudio Publisher makes it easy to create stunning, professional quality documents, including newsletters, brochures, adverts, flyers, invitations, menus, reports, posters, greetings cards, and yearbooks. Start with a professionally designed template or a blank document of any page size.

Anyone can master iStudio Publisher quickly, regardless of age or experience.

If you’re new to desktop publishing and page layout, our video tutorials and Rapid Start Guide will get you up and running within minutes.

If you’re experienced you'll love iStudio Publisher’s sophisticated features, such as writing text along any path, text flow linking, two-page spread editing, drag and drop page duplication and reordering, and building complex shapes with the dedicated drawing tools. You’ll also appreciate the comprehensive built-in help.

The app’s user interface places everything in easy reach – so you can spend more time creating and less time trying to find elusive features. It has all the tools you need to design great looking documents, whether it’s for professional artwork or school homework projects. Comprehensive Inspectors hold everything to manage your layout and to format shapes, text and images.

The result is a uncluttered desktop that’s a pleasure to use, with more space for getting the job done.

***** If you have questions or technical queries please contact us via our support email. We cannot reply to reviews posted on the store. *****

iStudio Publisher has all of the features you'd expect from a layout package:
• Shape size and alignment
• Line style, color fill and image fill
• Shadows
• Character and paragraph styling
• Text columns
• Text wrapping
• Support for Apple dictation
• Quick Look document preview
• Tabbed document windows (macOS Sierra only)

It also has some great features that you might only expect in higher-end packages:
• Master pages
• Comprehensive hyperlink support
• Page duplication and reordering
• Separate thumbnails window – drag and drop document organisation
• True spread editing – place content across the fold
• Automatic page numbering
• Bleed and crop marks
• Export documents as PDF booklets
• Flow text between shapes and lines, across pages and spreads
• Multiple document views, with independent zoom and view settings
• Working space at the side of document pages, which isn't printed
• Smooth pan and zoom up to 5000%
• Enter text in any shape, at any angle
• Enter text along any line
• Select multiple shapes and set their properties simultaneously
• Insert multiple plain text, RTF and media files simultaneously using drag and drop
• Adjustable snap grid
• Independently set opacity for line, fill, image and text
• Text inset for any shape
• Multiple text columns in any shape
• Sophisticated text inset and outset – smooth contours around complex shapes
• Rulers that auto scale and auto label
• Work in live preview mode
• Auto save
• Show baselines, text glyph outlines and text runarounds
• Stretch text horizontally and vertically

Tools to help you design:
• Comprehensive Shape Library
• Powerful Head Up Display shape creation
• Reshaping Tool – edit any shape's nodes and curves

Powerful image manipulation and cropping:
• Change DPI
• Comprehensive scaling and fitting options
• Align, flip and rotate images within shapes
• Image tiling – create a repeating pattern from a single image

Compatibility and sharing:
• Insert plain text, RTF and media content files, using drag and drop or copy and paste
• Insert a wide range of media types including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF, EPS and AI
• Export PDF, booklet PDF, EPUB and RTF files

iStudio Publisher does not include support for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input.


Release Notes:

iStudio Publisher 1.3 contains many new features, improvements and fixes – our largest update ever! Here are some of the highlights:

• Comprehensive hyperlink support
Link text and shapes to web pages, email addresses, internal pages, files and custom URLs. Visualise and test links in iStudio Publisher. Use internal links to create a document contents page that links to different sections. Links are embedded in exported PDFs.

• Page/spread reordering and duplication
Complete control over adding, removing, duplicating and reordering the pages/spreads in your document, with full undo/redo.

• Separate Thumbnails window
Navigate around documents with ease. Adjust window size/zoom to view your whole document. Drag to duplicate or reorder pages/spreads. Window remembers its size, position and zoom.

• Contextual menus
All your favourite actions in one handy place, and some new ones. A much-requested productivity booster. Typically available using control-click, right-click or two-finger tap (for trackpads) on the document window.

• Font support upgraded
Font interaction is much better organised and presented, and it's faster. Font faces in each family are clearly grouped together, and the total number of available faces is shown. We also added a Recent Fonts list, which grows as you open existing documents and whenever you apply fonts. It's available from the main menu, the contextual menus and the inspectors, and it resets when iStudio Publisher launches.

• Notifications added for unavailable bold/italic font variants
We don't synthesise fonts as it's not good practise. If you need a bold or italic font variant, it has to be installed. If it isn't, the app now warns you when you try to set it.

• Many organisational settings persist between restarts
Document window size/position, shape library state, rulers, inspector panel size and position, open inspectors, Thumbnails window size/position/zoom, and most view settings (including snap and grid).

• Inserted images are scaled within the page size, instead of original size
Applies regardless of how you insert images: copy/paste, drag/drop, insert menu, or Image Inspector. Previously, large images could extend well beyond the page boundaries, making them tricky to resize. Now the size of the image's containing shape is capped at 80% of the page dimensions, and the image's fit mode is set to "Fit - no Stretch".

• Speed and accuracy of inset, outset, and runaround calculations
Shapes with non-trivial boundary lines perform noticeably faster when you adjust their inset and outset distances. The generation of the inset and outset paths is much improved. Now when you enable text outset, you get smooth rounded corners instead of sharp vertices.

• A range of measures to manage large files
You're notified if a file is growing large, or can’t be saved due to insufficient file system space.
Document file size is shown on the document window title bar.

• Document window tabs (macOS Sierra only)
Open multiple documents in one window, each with its own tab.

• Blinking cursor

• Drag and drop content from another app now centers the content on the drop point

• Flow linking appends any existing downstream text
Linking two text containers together concatenates any flow that they may already contain, appending the downstream text. (NOTE: only if the downstream container doesn't already have text flowing into it from another source).

• Pasting shapes onto a different page or document doesn’t offset the first paste
A productivity booster. The app remembers how many times you've pasted onto each page, and calculates successive offsets accordingly. This makes it very quick to paste items in the same place onto multiple pages.

• Overhaul of tooltips for the whole UI
We've added more tooltips, improved existing tooltips, and included keyboard shortcuts where appropriate.

For a full list of the new features, improvements and fixes, see the Release Notes in the iStudio Publisher’s help pages.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.9
Review by maryj945

Brilliant application - Thank you sooooo much for this app! We've used it at my company to create a wide range of literature and I use it at home for all sorts of things - invitations, recipes, posters, and a club newsletter. It was really easy to learn and we were astonished at how much we got for the price. The support videos are very helpful and easy to understand. This software absolutely beats other desktop publishing apps I've tried costing much more. One small point - there are no PDF size reducing options built in, but I've found PDF Squeezer ($2 on app store) does a great job of shrinking large PDFs exported from iStudio.

Found helpful by 49 out of 50 people
Version 1.2.1
Review by Kells02

This is NOT user friendly - I bought this software for a marketing class that I am in, and found that MS Word turned out to be much better and easier to use. I wish that I had never spent money on this, as I have spent a few hours trying to figure out simple things to do in it, such as modify text or put in a picture, and it is WAY too compicated for such a simple task.

Found helpful by 16 out of 35 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3
Review by Nanag2

Keeps getting better and better!!! - I have used iStudio for several years and the more I use it, the more I appreciate this user-friendly app and the fabulous support the developers provide their clients. Their response time and quick solutions are unsurpassed!! I recently downloaded the iStudio 1.3 update and I am so pleased, so I wanted to update my reviews. There are so many new features/tweaks that I have not yet had time to explore them all, but I am delighted that the iStudio developers have added the right click option to facilitate common and repeated tasks. This may be one of my favorite tweaks, so THANK YOU ISTUDIO! In addition, being able to reorder pages and zoom to see the whole page easily is also a great time and step saver. The iStudio team also enabled the centering of an object where it is dropped, on one page or several at one time, so no more looking for it on a busy layout! These new upgrades are just as intuitive as before and provide additional ways to do things in a easy to use format. I am sure those I have not yet had time to explore are just as user friendly. The iStudio team would not have it otherwise. In addition, I have to add that iStudio is truly fun to use. If only all software packages were as easy and enjoyable to use as iStudio, we all would be able to fulfill our tasks with much less stress! If you try iStudio, you will better understand the significance of my comment! If you need the BEST layout app available, you have found it with iStudio!!!

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.3
Review by James_a_white

Fantastic! I can’t believe this software is only $17.99 - I’m producing an 8 page brochure at home that I have to give to my graphic design department at work to print. Obviously I am not going to purchase inDesign (which I know how to use) for just a single brochure. After trying a few other desktop publishing apps, I got frustrated and eventually downloaded iStudio Publisher. Wow! It does everything I need… including supporting bleeds. With it, I have been able to do everything that I would have done in inDesign… and for only $17.99. I am now able to give my print shop a file that is indistinguishable from what I would have produced with inDesign. If you have been evaluating other inexpensive desktop publising packages, look no further. This one is great. Looking at the reviews, I see 36 one-star ratings. These either must have been for older versions or written by people that do not know how to use proper desktop publishing packages. For the developers of iStudio Publisher, the only two things I’d like to see are 1) (most important) pinch to zoom in and out and 2) touchbar support for the newer Macs. Otherwise, pass on my congratulations to your development team for a great product.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.3
Review by Lindy Green

Super layout program - I love iStudio Publisher! Editing a church newsletter several times a year it always performs perfectly, and provides enormous flexibility in the layout and design. The recent version 1.3 update has made a real difference, in particular allowing me to now add hyperlinks that are clickable in my PDF exports, reorder pages easily, and I love the newly added recent fonts menu! Thank you to the iStudio team for such a good program, which I can totally recommend!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.3
Review by smrp8

Best progrma to replece Indisign - If you are a profetional but not expert in design and looking for make a good manuals, posters, and any other presentation, that its the best easy and frendly program to do that. Very good support, i was right one email about some suggestions and i was receive a very fast correct and Respectful response, with many helps to get my doubts and the main thing with a lot of honesty and modesty

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 1.3
Review by LongerJohn

Excellent Value for Money - Great publishing app, the family use it for all sorts of things from T Shirt design through to homework assignments. We've all found the online tutorials really easy to follow and extremely informative. Excellent Value :))

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people