Apps Similar to iSleep - Timer

Ever watched a video and wanted your Mac to automatically stop? Ever downloaded something and didn't want your Mac to sleep while the download is running, but go to sleep afterwards? Ever had a lengthy task running (encoding a video, for example) and

This is the most simple Sleeptimer you can get on the Appstore. Do you know Caffeine? If you know it, you also know its simplicity. This application also works as simple as Caffeine : one click to start it and one click to stop it. It is extremely s

Guaranine is a simple utility application in the status bar that will allow you to set a timer for when you want the Mac to sleep. Features: - Set timer for sleep - Prevent sleep - Save custom preset - Launch Guaranine at login

EZSwitch is a status bar application which allows you to shutdown, restart or put your Mac(OSX Snow Leopard or above) to sleep with a user configurable delay time. It also allows you to cancel or change the operation within the user configurable del

Ctrl Alt Delete is the ultimate fallback application for when things go awry. With a familiar hotkey combination that has saved billions of computer users around the world, Ctrl Alt Delete offers a quick fix for many computer troubles. • Did a

Digital Timer allows you to set timers and label events to remind you in the future. This modern countdown timer is easy to set up and use. The non-obtrussive approach of the designed app will allow the small alarm to be pushed out of the way and tu

NIWO Slumber 1.1 is in development, with a lot of new Features and Improvements, so stay tuned. NIWO Slumber is a smart Tool/Timer which can shutdown, restart, sleep or logout your computer at a given time (e.g. in 1 hour). You can use this tool to

Power Utility is an application that let your Mac, when unattended, to: • Restart • Shutdown • Sleep • Logout basing all on specific conditions or on time schedules. ( SEE ALL OUR APPS. WE HAVE 25 APPS HERE ON THE APP STORE! )

***** wicked awesome shutdown timer! ***** Welcome to Lullaby, the world's easiest and most beautiful sleep and shutdown timer. Watching a movie or letting your Mac process a lenghty task and want to automatically set it to sleep or shutdown after a

Place OneClickGo on Dock and you can shutdown your computer or take screen snapshot in one mouse click. OneClickGo is a convenient tool for your daily use, you don't have to remember those Apple hotkeys hereafter. OneClickGo can be configured to per

Alarm Clock Master is an desktop alarm clock app. It has lots of new features,such as,your MAC can act as an alarm clock, it can be used as a beautiful screen saver. Features: Clock and Weather - Clock Displays:You can select Classical style, LCD s

PiZZa is a simple and unobtrusive tool for time sensitive tasks like your pizza, the next train or presentation stuff. Start a timer or a stopwatch right from your menu bar or via keyboard shortcuts. Use the analog clock to set the end time or use t

A simple & easy clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer. If you need a simple and clean time keeper, look no further. Features -------- * LCD-like clock that can be made huge for enhanced visibility * Alarm that can be set to fire repeatedly * Stopwatc

With Sleepy you can program the shutdown, restart or sleep of your system. Sleepy has two modes of programming your system shutdown. -At: A countdown is created so that the system could be shut down in a specific date and time. -In: Shutdown is pro

Simple to use menu bar application for controlling sleep on your Mac. FEATURES: - Prevent your mac from automatically entering sleep - Set a timer that puts your mac to sleep - Launch application at login - Automatically prevent sleep at launch

Tripple Zee is a very simple utility which lets you put your computer to sleep with a delay. This delay can be either set as a precise time interval (e.g. in 2 hours), or when your CPU or network activity is low. This can be very useful for anyone w

Screen Shade allows you to control the brightness of your screen. This customizable app allows you to place a shade over your screen to reduce the strain on your eyes. Screen Shade will reduce your Mac's brightness on demand, without any risk to you

TextScrub removes all formating from text on your clipboard. It scrubs away all font-related styling, leaving only pure clipboard text, ready for pasting. Additionally it can also normalize white spaces, remove tabs or empty lines, and you can even s

Batch PDF Splitter 2 is tool to split multi-page PDF documents in single page PDF documents. We have design application with consideration of speed and error free splitting. So it is best suited to offer you fastest and error free splitting of your m

Managing your desktop wallpaper can be a tedious process. You either use the provided few or spend copious time seeking out and downloading new ones. Simple Desktops for Mac, is set to revolutionize desktop wallpaper management. Sit back and enjoy