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Type SMS messages on your Mac and send them via your iPhone. The Wi-Fi connection is used, SMS client for iPhone is required (available free on the App Store). Your iPhone and the Mac computer must be on the same network. Other features: - auto conn

All your files will always be at hand. No matter what happens to your drive on your PC or phone, all your files stored in the Cloud will stay intact. With Cloud Mail.Ru client you can : - synchronize files and folders; - choose folder to sync (

Even if OSx is a secure operating system it can become unsecured when you are starting to download files from internet. With this new app you can generate the md5 hash of a file to check if it is the same md5 provided by the source of download and it

Do you have a secret files(photos,movies,document…) When save them on your computer,whether to worry about what others see or use them.When sent it by email,did you worried these files being cracked by hackers.Is concerned about the security f

The simple file sharing app will let you easily share files with your friends or colleagues just by using web browser(Safari, IE, Mozilla, FireFox etc). Using File Sharing Wizard will make your Mac become to be file sharing web server in seconds. Spe

Use iShare to easily send and receive files to any internet connected device running a web browser. No upload to external cloud services needed. No registration needed. You are in complete control of your data. 1. Select file or folder 2. Send down

Access your computers from wherever you are! Work on that spreadsheet you left at home, perform software updates on your server ten thousand miles away, help your dad configure his computer in your hometown. Screens lets you connect back to your

ChroClock offers you an arrange of simple, clean and effective analog clocks, and they can be: --displayed or hided. --changed in size --dragged to reposition to anywhere. --set at front of other windows, or embedded into the desktop or wall

Here is what Remotix users say: "Remotix is just absolutely amazing, I use it all the time. It allowed me to log onto my work computer from my personal computer and there was hardly any lag at all, my internet isn't the best and even apps like this

Now 20% off! Translate helps you decipher the indecipherable. Translate text between 55 languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish. You can even translate into multiple languages simultaneously. And getting text into Translate couldn't be easier—

TCP2Serial is a utility application to proxy traffic to/from a serial port over the network. For example, you run TCP2Serial on your mac with a serial port attached and connected to a serial device. Then, you can telnet to the host running TCP2Seri


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piQtility, a comprehensive picture utility that makes it easy for you to manage, watermark, preview, resize, sort, apply photo filters, apply rounded corners, apply frames, convert or rename your pictures from within a user-oriented interface. Consi

Image Toolset is the ultimate image toolkit for your computer! Convert to and from PNG, JPEG, ICNS, GIF, among others, while having the ability to resize the images! For more advanced users, you can also convert and resize lots of images at once, e


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EAPTest is a tool for networking professionals working in 802.1x secure network access environments. EAPTest allows testing of authentication and accounting on RADIUS Servers. Authentication protocols include PAP and the common Extended Authenticati

=========================== Easy Duplicate is a powerful tool to find and resolve duplicate photos, documents, spreadsheets, MP3's, and more! Removing duplicates will also help to speed up indexing and reduces back up size and time. Your computer is

★★★★★ DOWNLOAD Server for Mountain Lion ★★★★★ Air2Files Server is the server of the iPhone or iPad app Air2Files. Air2Files help

iQuickMark measures your computer performance and scalability (processor, memory, disk, OS etc.) and compares it with other models. iQuickMark provides an easy way to measure quickness of your computer and it's components and compare it with latest

Secure File Sharing Web Server is a Mac file sharing software that allows visitors to upload/download unlimited files easily and securely through a Web Browser (Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome, mobile browser etc.). It can help you share files with your

The Audio Capture System is an inexpensive way to record audio. Use your Mac, iOS devices and Wi-Fi network to easily record audio. See the demonstration video at The systems consists of t

A specialized utility for random password generation. This application can generate an unlimitted number of passwords according to the user's specifications. You can define the total number of passwords and the number of characters per password. You