Apps Similar to iScreenshotMaker

Screentaker is a small utility that makes creating nice screenshots for iOS apps easier by letting you apply effects to them. Simply drop the screenshot on Screentaker or even capture a screenshot from the iOS Simulator and choose the desired device,

Framator is the perfect tool for people who need to make screenshots of a precise size, for instance, developers submitting to the AppStore. It shows an adjustable frame on top of your apps which will help you resize the windows or content you wis

With iScreenShot you quickly create screenshots for the iOS AppStore. Just drag and drop your iOS Simulator screenshots to iScreenShot and save it. You have to take one screenshot for each device. Example: iOS Simulator iPhone 5 screenshot -> you

JS Beautifier is a simple and quick utility to beautify/format your JavaScript code. Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript, make JSON/JSONP readable, etc. Features - Open and beautify/format your JavaScript file - Paste/type the JavaScript co

Qwarkee is a developer tool that converts vector art (SVG from Adobe Illustrator) to objective-c code (quartz 2d - quartzcore framework). Eliminate the need for rasterized images that take up memory on iOS devices. Render vector art in vector object

Grab screenshots and video from the iOS Simulator and Corona SDK Simulator with a single button click. Create professional quality promotional material and demonstration movies and walkthroughs with ease. Show potential customers your game or app in

Are you an iOS or Mac app developer who builds apps using Core Data or SQLite and wants to look at the contents of your SQLite database on the physical device? DevBase is for you. It only takes 30 seconds to set up! Watch a screencast at the DevBase

DevBox — All-in-one (mobile) development toolbox. It's easy, beautiful, fast, smart & up to date. Just see for yourself. * * * * * - "Saved me a lot of time creating App icons, well worth it!" - user from United Kingdom * * * * * - "I've bee

IconFly Mobile is an incredible time saver that allows you to easily create icons in many formats for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications. Moreover, IconFly Mobile allows you to create icons for Android applications. IconFly Mobile is acti

Quick Sprites simplifies the creation and maintenance of CSS sprite sheets that enable you to optimize your websites. A sprite sheet is a single image that combines many smaller ones. CSS sprites help reduce the number of HTTP requests that the brow

## The quickest and most hassle free way to support multiple resolutions. ● NOTE: Version 2.2 has been submitted to the app store and is awaiting review. It changes the way you select resolutions by removing device specific options (i.e. iPhon

Patch Viewer allows you to view patch files (or the output from diff-like command-line tool) using your existing third-party graphical file comparison tool such as Xcode's FileMerge. Diff output in traditional, context and unified formats from a ran

Icon Auto Sizer is a powerful, comprehensive yet simple tool for generating icons for multiple devices / formats. Drag, drop and click, the icons are ready quicker than you think. For maximum quality icons across all devices and formats ensure you

Write and run PHP code instantly! PHP Runner is a handy tool for learning PHP and running PHP script for daily tasks. Simply type PHP code and press "Command-R" to run it, that is all! You don't event need to save the file first! * Features - Type

Idatto is a powerful UML design tool and code generator Mac. Some of its feature are: - Modeling with class, package, activity and statemachine diagrams. - Code generation for Objective-C, Java, C#, C++. - PDF Document generation. - iCloud supp

The best tool for iOS developers to easily resize their @2x or -hd cocos2d images! Supports .png .jpg .tiff and .bmp. To use simply select the @2x or -hd named images or an folder containing the images, use the global hotkey and you are done!

· Special discount for a limited time! IconLab is a simple but powerful utility that allows you to create and export OS X and iOS icons from one or more image files in a really quick and easy way. · Just drag and drop a single image a

We have released more than 50 apps in two years and we create our icons using a custom app created by us. We have shown this app to our developer friends and they always says: “Hey dudes you should launch this app so that all developers can use

Core Data Editor lets you easily view, edit and analyze applications‘ data. Core Data Editor is compatible with Mac and iOS applications and supports XML, SQLite and binary stores, visualizes all relationships and is able to edit the data and g

Tabbar Tool Box ist die Hilfe für jeden iOS Entwickler ! Um die UITabbar mit geeigneten Images und Icons zu füttern, mussten diese umständlich erstellt werden. Mit Tabbar Tool Box geht einfach und schnell ! Die gewünschten Grafike