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Developer: equinux

Current Version: 5.9.12

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Create money-making auctions on eBay with iSale.
This eBay certified auctioning solution for Mac offers users a huge variety of integrated auction templates. iSale is a two time Apple Design Award winner.

- More than 200 professional auction templates
- Layout editor for templates
- Use text boilerplates
- Integrate pictures for free with Picasa Webalbum
- After sales management
- 2 x Apple Design Award winner
- Officially certified by eBay

iSale allows you to create and edit their own templates with the Layout Editor. iSale includes eBay features such as item specifics, eBay-website previews, category listings, eBay store, auction status and after-sales management.

Seamlessly integrated in Mac OS X with an iSale Widget, Quick Look, Mail and iCal integration, previous versions of iSale have twice received the Apple Design Award.

iSale comes with iPhone integration in the form of iSale mobile - create draft auctions on the iPhone and send them to iSale on the Mac within your local network.

- Facebook integration
- View your buyers in Maps
- Be done with eBay-picture fees
- eBay preview
- eBay Motors
- Research Assistent
- Layout-Editor
- Add videos to auctions (YouTube, MyVideo, MySpace)
- Highest security (PayPal Security Key)
- Instant status of your auctions
- Multiple libraries for your auctions
- eBay store categories
- and lots more

Have fun with iSale!


Release Notes:

Sale supports now the latest eBay image requirements.

Have fun selling on eBay with iSale!
Your equinux team


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.7
Review by jacurtis

Best Way for Mac Users to Sell on eBay - If you sell a lot on eBay then this is a no-brainer. It's way easier to post items through this app than individually through the eBay interface. If you only list a couple items a month then you should probably get iSale express, otherwise this is the fully loaded app. I also love that it is only $25! You will make all your money back within a couple days with this app. One thing many eBayers don't consider when selling is your time. You should value your time. If you value yourself at say $25 /hr. then you can easily save enough time that you will start banking money after the first hour. Through the eBay interface I could list about 4-5 items per hour (i put a lot of research and detail into my descriptions). With this, I can easily list 15-20 items per hour. I will let you do the math. It paid for iteself within hour of using it! I love that you can easily add "boilerplate" to the app. All that stuff that you copy and paste and type over and over again, can just be auto-filled into every auction. What this means is that all you have to do is add pictures and the description to each auction. The next thing I love is how it creates HTML templates. Anyone that has sold on eBay for a while now, knows that when you have HTML template designs in your auctions, they always sell faster and for more money. I also like how there are various drop zones in the templates that make it easy to add pictures (no manual uploading). Speaking of pictures, and how this app saves you money, I love how you can add pictures that are hosted over places besides eBay. What this means is that there are no more of those 15¢ per picture fees. You can add as many pics as you want and it doesn't cost you anything. You can host them in a bunch of different places for example Picasa (which is 100% free) or my favorite, FTP. So I can upload my photos to my webserver through iSale and manage my photos myself. I love that. There are just so many great things in here. When I first bought this app, I figured all it did was help create auctions, but really it is the full seller experience. You can add feedback to sellers, print reports, print shipping labels, check payments, and so much stuff. The interface is far more intuitive than eBay's seller interface, and it does almost all of the same stuff. I just love that there is no need to even open anymore. More pictures = more money. Less Fees = More Money. HTML Templates = More Money. Quicker auction creation = More Money. You just can't go wrong.

Found helpful by 13 out of 36 people
Version 5.7
Review by KenVWolf

So crazy confusing - No Help manual and Website videos don't work! - I bought ISALE in hopes of making Ebay selling easier, but it is impossible to figure this software out. So I went to their website and they had some learning videos AND THE SOUND DIDN'T WORK even after I downloaded them. I was so excited about making ebay easier with Isale 5, and now I am perturbed about losing $25 for software that has NO support or help manual. I googled everywhere for information on how to make this software work and you can't find it anywhere (or hear it anywhere). I am a big Mac Nerd, and I love good software and I want to support developers, but this software honestly is totally un-intuitive and THERE IS NO HELP OR ANYWAY TO LEARN IT. I thought this was going to make things easy. ABSOLUTLEY NOT!! PLEASE FIX YOUR VIDEOS ON YOUR SITE, and make a manual that can be downloaded, or TAKE THIS SOFTWARE OFF THE APP STORE!

Found helpful by 47 out of 57 people