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iRatchet is a simple to use invoicing tool for the small business or consultant. iRatchet was designed to take you from handshake to invoicing in as few steps as possible. Add your clients, create projects and add timed or fixed items - then you're ready to invoice. iRatchet comes with 50+ ready to use invoice templates that can be modified as you see fit. iRatchet supports a highly customizable workflow to adapt to the way your work. You can open a project that you progressively invoice against, or treat projects as discrete billable units.

If you're an iRatchet 2.x user, iRatchet 3 allows you to import your database or invoice book. iRatchet 3.0 is an all-new code base leveraging Snow Leopard technologies such as Garbage Collection, 32/64 bit support, WebCore, PDFKit, ImageCore and more. If you're a user, iRatchet allows you to sync your database between multiple computers. You can use iRatchet on your laptop as you travel, and have your database synced with iRatchet installed on your office Mac.

iRatchet 3.0 works with GoiRatchet - a free iPhone companion app. GoiRatchet allows you to sync up with your working database, modify items in an open project while on the go, then sync back up with your database when you land. iRatchet 3.0 supports a complete set of reports for end of month and end of year reconciliation.

* Save, print or email invoices.
* Choose from 50+ invoice templates.
* Import iRatchet 2.x databases.
* Backup and restore your database in either sql or xml format.
* Choose from a robust set of reports.
* Customize or create invoices if desired.
* Copy or transfer projects.
* Manage client and project advances or payments.
* Sync your database to other iRatchet instances using
* Sync with GoiRatchet - your mobile iRatchet companion.
* Build a list of frequently used charges, then use them in any project.
* Create and manage multiple companies. Clients can be billed from any company, or only those your choose.
* Save your invoices in the invoice book for later reference.


Release Notes:

* A trio of new Templates!
* Various bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.09
Review by Shooter420

Sick of it. - This app. is horrible. I liked the previous version to an extent, but when issues popped up the developer went MIA...and still is as far as I'm aware. I have discontinued my use of version 3.09 as I can't seem to change the borders to see what my charges, etc. are listed as-I can only see partial charges and when things have similiar names I ended up having to guess which one was the proper charge until I found the correct name. I never was able to get this "new" version working properly, and no response whatsoever from the developer has sent me back to the older/working good enough for now version. I am on the lookout for something better. If you want to spend $40 on software where you can't make proper adjustments and you're completely on your own for support-this is the one for you. Please e-mail me first, though--I have some magic beans to sell. Keep your money.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.09
Review by hobiewahn

I think this app is officially abandoned/dead... - I used iRatched 1.x for over 5 years, it allowed me to easily manage invoicing in my consulting company. When v3 came out back in early 2011, I jumped at the chance to support the developer as a thank you for a great app. Unfortunately, iRatchet v3 has had problems since day 1. It has numerous bugs and has some data loss issues that are still not fixed. I resorted to keeping a paper log of my consulting time because I have lost data in iRatchet multiple times. The developer confirmed my findings that trigger the data loss, and it is still possible to loose data. As far as I can tell, the developer is missing. Early on, I was submitting bugs and he fixed them. The last few times i have emailed him I received no response and it has been quiet for months. I think he had some things happen in his personal life, not sure exactly. I have managed to make iRatchet 3 work and I've held on for this long hoping that he would come back and work on it again. I like how iRatchet is quick to enter data, simple to generate invoices and not overly complicated. Unfortunately at this point, I'm looking for a replacement app to migrate to because I think this app has been abandoned. UPDATE: I lost historical data now, good thing I have PDFs of everything... I dont know how to make this any clearer... DO NOT BUY!!!

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