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Developer: Clifford Ribaudo

Current Version: 3.3.1

Last Updated: 12 days ago

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The best Astrology Charting & Ephemeris tool for MacOS (and iOS)! Includes: Natal charts, Transit charts, Progressions, Relocation, Solar Return, Synastry and a tabular Ephemeris • Included Ephemeris coverage: 1700-2099, extendable to 2500 BC to 2500 AD (5000 years) • Includes "Sky Now", an Astro Clock that continuously updates for any location and with all reports • The Ephemeris tables can be customized to display for any time & location • Use iCloud to backup and share all iPhemeris Astrology charts between your Mac computers and iOS devices! Stop carrying all those books and get iPhemeris.

• Natal Charts
• Transit Charts
• Progressions
• Solar Return
• Lunar Return
• Relocation
• Relationship Charts (Composite / Midpoint)
• Bi-Wheel (2 Charts)
• Tri-Wheel (3 Charts)
• Aspects: 0°, 30°, 36°, 40°, 45°, 51.4°, 60°, 72°, 80°, 90°, 108°, 120°, 135°, 150°, 160°, 165°, 180°
• Aspect and Synastry grid
• Rectification Tools. Time step charts forward and back.
• Reports: Aspect Grid; Report of Aspects; Report of Points, Elements, Crosses & Dignities, Midpoints.
• House Systems: Placidus, Equal, Koch, Regiomantanus, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Topocentric, Whole, Vedic, Alcabitious, Aries 0 Houses
• "Sky Now" Astro Clock. Real-time (updates every 5 sec) Horoscope of the sky for any place in the world with full reports..
• Save hundreds of charts in iCloud and share with all your devices.
• Customize: planets, points, aspects and orbs shown on charts

• Ephemeris displays Tropical or Sidereal positions
• Tables of Longitude and Declination
• Graphical display of Longitude and Declination
• All Planets plus: Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Cupido, Hygiea, Astraea, Eris, Sedna
• North Node (True or Mean)
• Planetary directions
• Sidereal Time
• Lilith (Black Moon)
• Moon position for Ephemeris time & 12 hrs. later
• Moon phases and times (local & GMT).
• Lunar & Solar Eclipse dates, times & magnitude
• Void of Course Moon tables. Includes Moon's last aspect and time of Lunar ingress.
• Set Ephemeris to display for any Time or Time Zone
• 15 pre-defined Ayanamsa (Sidereal mode)
• Custom Ayanamsa
• Select which planets, points, aspects & orbs display on Ephemeris and Calendars
• Jump to a any date in Ephemeris and Calendars
• iPhemeris based on Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) DE406 data

• Aspectarian - Monthly calendar of aspects
• Transit Calendar - Monthly calendar of transits to any saved chart

• Store charts in iCloud and share between iOS and Mac versions of iPhemeris
• Choose color schemes

• iPhemeris uses an international Time Zone database on the internet
• Lookup Latitude & Longitude via a global Map with address search
• Manual entry of Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone

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Release Notes:

Improved Japanese Translation


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Warriorvamp

great program - Easy to use for a non professional. I love the way it syncs across devices. I sent an email to tech support when i was having issues syncing on my Macbook Pro, and i got a response in about 3 minutes that solved the issue. I have been using the program on my ipad and iphone for a while. After having tried several astrology programs and not really caring for any of them, i was really glad to find an easy to use program.

Found helpful by 11 out of 11 people