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The iNote is used to keep any of what you want to write down, list the content by timeline and protect them with a password. You can set the levels according to the importance and tags to mention what is the note about which can helps you to target the contents when viewing them.

The Key features of the iNote

1, List contents in different ways
The iNote supports list the contents according to the timeline, level and tag which satisfying different needs to view the contents.

2,Lock files
To keep the files in privacy, you can lock them with a password so others cannot visit them without the password.

3,Export and print the files
you can export the files to save as text and print them.

4,Customize the application's interface
Users can set the background color, text display color, font and viewing zoom ratio to adjust the visual effect.

5,easily edit the content
you can set levels, tags and edit the details of your words.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.1.1
Review by Giggy Ignati

NOT A TIMELINE TOOL - To describe this as a timeline tool is simply wrong and misleading. It does not let you change the date. The only things you can manipulate are the notes and the security around the notes. It takes the date and time the entry was done as the definitive marker. It doesn’t let you create a historical timeline where you go back and say this happened on this day, that on another day etc. To me this just isn’t a timeline tool. Until they can figure out how to describe this thing more accurately don’t buy it.

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