Developer: Alan Smith

Current Version: 1.0.19

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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iMediaServer is a standard UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) AV (Audio/Video) media server which automatically recognizes UPnP devices within a network.
Using iMediaServer you can share media files (audio, picture, and video files). This means that all users in the local network have access to the files. Players that are compatible with the UPnP standard can use, play and display shared media files.
Your Mac computer can link up to other consumer electronics devices to create a unified media center via iMediaServer.

Key features:

1> iPhoto/iTunes library - You can import iPhoto/iTunes library and share all indexed media files directly.

2> Local folders - You can also import local folders, iMediaServer will search all supported media files and index them automatically.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.19
Review by patniemeyer

Does not push media... - I bought this because I thought I could use it to push photos and videos to my TV (as you can with iOS apps like iMediaShare). But this appears to be just a passive media server… If you just want a server that you can browse using your TV interface you can get many free ones such as Plex that are much better than this.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.19
Review by mac28mac

It's OK!! - It Works on my Sony Bravia TV. Why is it the TV Show section not on the itunes Library? Hope You add it on future updates. Also hoping for new features on future updates like transcoding unsupported formats.

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Version 1.0.19
Review by Tsafford

DLNA Server - Sharp Aquos - - Background: I was looking for a program to run on my mac that could connect my Macbook Pro with my Sharp Aquios LED TV. The Sharp has some build in software that allows it to show media (Music, Photos and Video) through my TV. So what the new user should know that took me a little bit to figure out is to pay close attention to the screen shots because it isn't as intuitive as you would like to do the initial setup of the iMediaServer. (Hopefully this will improve with newer versions) MediaServer Startup/Sharing: Server setup was easy. I left the default name, clicked on the Wi-Fi because that was the one that was showing up. Also clicked the “start server automatically after application launching” checkbox. (all of these should have been set by default, but I did have to check the boxes) Adding Media to your server: You have to do this, it doesn’t find it automatically (Although it should) Okay so I was confused by the folder/media browser screen. You have to control-click or right-click to bring up the option to Sync your iTunes library. I wanted to click on the refresh icon, but that doesn't do anything until after you have synced the Library the first time. I showed up after a restart of the program so that is cool. General Note is that some movies worked, some movies did not. NOTE: Depending on the size of your library it might take a while to sync and the system might slow. this is normal, let it finish P.S. Some of my videos captures with my iPhone were upside down, but looked amazing on the TV. This is an issue with the sharp software.

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Version 1.0.19
Review by Timothy53

So slow - I have been waiting for 30 minutes for this thing to read my iTunes folders. And it is such a hog that as I write this I have to wait for the text to catch up.It’s like watching some move their lips while they read. What the hell is it doing? Reading each bit one …. at … a … time? I just want my Roku to have access to my music. Is that too much to ask?

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Version 1.0.19
Review by Djvenom909

Can't play mkv files - I was hoping I would be able to play mkv movies but it doesn't play them on my Sharp Aquos tv !!!! please fix!!!

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Version 1.0.19
Review by Rattle316

Awesome app for my bravia - The app is easy to use, quick sync and it took me less than 20 seconds to get it up and running.

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