iMediaServer 2

Developer: Alan Smith

Current Version: 2.0.122

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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iMediaServer is a standard UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) AV (Audio/Video) media server which automatically recognizes UPnP devices within a network.
Using iMediaServer you can share media files (audio, picture, and video files). This means that all users in the local network have access to the files. Players that are compatible with the UPnP standard can use, play and display shared media files.
Your Mac computer can link up to other consumer electronics devices to create a unified media center via iMediaServer.

Key features:

1> Photos Library - You can import Photos library and share all indexed media files directly.

2> iTunes library - You can import iTunes library and share all indexed media files directly.

3> Local folders - You can also import local folders, iMediaServer will search all supported media files and index them automatically.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.122
Review by spandrelf

So far, not getting results - I was able to configure the app to share my iTunes library via uPNP, and I was then able to get my internet radio device (auna KR-200) to connect over the network and browse playlists from my Macbook Air’s library. HOWEVER, every attempt to play music (tried MP3, AAC files) has resulted in an error (“cannot open selected media”). To be fair: I don’t yet have a way of determining whether the fault is on the side of this app, but the internet radia device has otherwise been reliable in all its functions. If other people have success with this app, please post a positive review. i’ll update mine if I make progress in getting anything to play.

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Version 2.0.122
Review by danegeld

This doesn’t work - This app does not work. It will display folders, but it will not open those folders, nor will it find any music. It invariably throws an error stating “No Audio Content Available”. The devices show up, the folders are listed, but won’t open, and music is nowhere to be found. Sorry I wasted my money on this non-functional garbage.

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