Developer: Enclave Forensics

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 531.1 KB - Download


iMagnify! is a handy application, especially for professionals who deliver presentations or perform demonstrations for an audience.

Have you ever wished that you could put a magnifier on the screen that follows you around without having to zoom your entire screen? iMagnify! is for you!

Use iMagnify! by starting it up and placing it in any convenient place on your screen where your audience can see it when projected. With that done, simply select the magnification level that you desire, adjust the window to the size width and height that you prefer and then leave your mouse at the top left corner of the portion of the screen that you'd like to magnify!


Release Notes:

Now supports multiple displays, locking the zoomed window as the top window and locking the zoomed in area!

The "Keep on top" check box is now the default. This allows you to keep the zoomed area on top of the display, really reducing the amount of window juggling you need to do!

The "Lock Viewport" option (Command-L) available under the "Window" menu allows you to lock the zoom in on a specific screen region rather than continuously following the mouse.