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What is iKLOC?
iKLOC is a source code line counter for your iPhone and Mac App Projects.

Want to know how many lines of source code you have written? Look no further. iKLOC is the tool for you.

Other features
iKLOC also parses your project and exports localizable strings in your app. All you have to do is to click a button and boom! your Localizable.strings file is created.

Difference between manual counting/command line (grep/wc) counting
iKLOC can intelligently parse comments and tell you how many lines are comments. Command line programs like grep or wc cannot do this.

Ignoring file groups
Want to exclude a group of files that you imported from a third party library which should be ignored? For ex: header files from Facebook SDK or ASIHTTPRequest?

No problem, just uncheck the checkmarks and iKLOC calculates your total KLOC based on your selection.

Hope this tool is of valuable use to you. Leave a rating on AppStore if you liked it.


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Version 1.0
Review by jmurff

I like the concept. - Does what it say for counting. I found it tedious to uncheck by file when the group information is there. Perhaps being able to use both would be a good idea. As for string localization file I got an empty file. Could be I don't understand that feature and I don't really need it I just wanted to see what would happen. Maybe be clearer on what you are looking for in the code via parsing strings.

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